The Mac mini isn’t dead yet, says Tim Cook

The 2014 Mac Mini. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) More than 1,000 days have passed since Apple updated its Mac mini hardware. Since then, Apple has launched the Apple Watch, AirPods, the retina MacBook, and the Touch Bar MacBook Pro. Meanwhile, the Mac mini has existed in a state of arrested development. You'd be forgiven for considering the possibility that the product has been living its last days. But in an e-mail to an Apple customer today, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the Mac mini isn't going [Read Entire Story]

Smart jewelry tested: do beautiful devices have the brains to compete?

Enlarge (credit: Valentina Palladino) Technology is shrinking, but that doesn't mean it's getting more subtle. Smartwatches are gaining popularity in the wearable world, but most make themselves painfully known by looking like high-tech gadgets. Not all wearables are fashion crimes, though; there's a sector of smart jewelry trying to thrive in this space by fighting against the cold, gadget-like aesthetic. These devices take the shape of traditional jewelry—like bracelets, rings, and [Read Entire Story]

Apple releases watchOS 4.0.1 with fix for Series 3 LTE/Wi-Fi bug

Enlarge / Call options in the Phone app. (credit: Valentina Palladino) Apple released a software update for its Series 3 watches today that will upgrade watchOS 4 to watchOS 4.0.1. This is the first software update to watchOS 4 since it became available for all Apple Watch models on September 19. The watchOS 4.0.1 update focuses on fixing a peculiar Wi-Fi issue some Series 3 with LTE models experienced. That issue prevented the devices from connecting to LTE in favor of connecting to an [Read Entire Story]

Some iOS 11 issues show early adoption pitfalls, others are just growing pains

Enlarge / The control center has a new interface for adjusting brightness. Apple's new iOS 11 software for iPhones and iPads rolled out yesterday, but its adoption is slightly slower than that of its predecessor, and as is often the case, various issues have been reported by early adopters. iOS 11 had been installed on just over 10 percent of supported devices in the 24 hours after it went live, according to data from Mixpanel. That's slightly slower than adoption of iOS 10 at launch (which [Read Entire Story]

Reduce the cords, charge your Apple devices together with AirPower in 2018

CUPERTINO, Calif.—Amid a bevy of new product releases—the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Watch Series 3 with built-in LTE—Apple quietly presented a new way to power these iDevices all at once. Called "AirPower," Apple's new charging pad will let users reduce the need for many cords and outlets and instead rely on this multi-device charging station. Many of Apple's newly announced devices have glass backs and rely on Qi (sounds like "chee") wireless charging technology, a standard favored by the Wireless [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch Series 3 hands-on: LTE could be the watershed moment

Enlarge / The new Apple Watch looks the same as its predecessor; the new internals are what counts. The Apple Watch Series 3 looks, acts, and feels almost exactly the same as the Series 2 with a key difference—LTE wireless connectivity, whether your iPhone is nearby or not. We tested the Series 3 on-site at Apple’s unveiling event, including trying just a few of the new features. If you liked the previous model, you’ll like the Series 3. If you didn’t, there’s not much different besides LTE. [Read Entire Story]

Liveblog: Apple’s September 2017 iPhone 8 launch

Enlarge (credit: Apple) We all know what September brings: vibrant green leaves turning red, the (un)welcome return of pumpkin spice everything, and new Apple devices. While we can't speak for the two former categories, we can say that this September will likely bring the biggest changes to Apple's iPhone that we've seen in years. Subtly marking this change in routine is the location of Apple's next event: it's the first held in the new Steve Jobs Theater on Apple's new campus, kicking off on [Read Entire Story]

PodCase Stores and Charges Your AirPods

Fed up with having to carry around the AirPods charging case everywhere he went, the founder of Pebble watch decided to design and build a better solution. PodCase stores and charges your AirPods right on… ; ; ; ; ; ; ;Related StoriesSanDisk Releases the World’s Largest SD Card, AgainBittBoy Handheld Retro Gaming DeviceCraft is the Last Keyboard You’ll Ever Buy ; SOURCE: Cool Material - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Finally, there’s finally a good reason to upgrade your iPad

Apple's biggest challenge with the iPad is convincing people who already own one to buy a newer version. I've been using my iPad Air 2 everyday since 2014 for reading news, checking Twitter, and watching videos, and I could probably keep using it until it stops working. I don't actually need a new iPad to continue doing any of these things, but I've finally found a compelling reason to get one: photo editing. ; Apple is making photo editing way more simple in the new Photos app in iOS 11 — [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit for the blind: Echolocation-based smartwatch aids sightless steps

Enlarge (credit: Sunu) As some Fitbit wearers find amusing ways to skip steps—attaching the devices to hamster balls, ceiling fans, and power tools—a new wrist gadget aims to make sure others never miss one. The Sunu band smartwatch, designed for people with visual impairments, uses a sonar sensor to detect objects and people within a 15-foot range. When it does, it gently vibrates to alert the wearer, changing intensity as an object or person gets closer. Wearers can also customize the [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit’s next-gen smartwatch will launch with its own app platform

Fitbit desperately needs its upcoming smartwatch to be a success, so the company is planning to prop it up with a brand-new app platform at launch. ; James Park, Fitbit's CEO, confirmed that a new app ecosystem is in the works for the unnamed smartwatch's long-awaited debut in a conversation with The Verge. The app platform has been rumored since January, even before Park first teased the device after the company was forced to lay off 6 percent of its workforce. ; Park told the publication that [Read Entire Story]

MIT unveils wearable guides for the visually impaired

It's frustrating to see so many wearable innovations without more devoted to providing solutions for the disabled, which is why MIT's new prototype for the visually impaired is more than just a little exciting. ; A team of researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have come up with a wearable system that helps the visually impaired navigate their environment. ; SEE ALSO: Finally, someone invented a braille smartwatch for the blind The system consists of a 3D [Read Entire Story]

Asus unveils the world’s thinnest convertible laptop yet

The world of convertible laptops just got its thinnest yet. Asus unveiled the Zenbook Flip S on Monday in a large scale launch event, a day ahead of the larger Computex technology show in Taipei. ; SEE ALSO: Asus ZenWatch: A Fancy Smartwatch That Measures Your Relaxation Levels The Zenbook Flip S is 10.9mm thin. In comparison, competitors like the HP Spectre x360 come in at 13.8mm, and the Apple MacBook Air measures 17mm. ; Image: yvette tan/mashable Image: yvette tan/mashableThe Taiwanese [Read Entire Story]

Apple designer made a $12,000 hourglass and honestly WHO is going to buy this?

If you've got $12,000 to blow and already own every Apple product under the sun, we've got great news — you can now buy this impeccably sophisticated hourglass to fill the void in your life. Channelling the tech company's innovation, Apple designer Marc Newson revamped the traditional hourglass to create this ridiculously expensive, limited-edition product for HODINKEE, a publication specializing in wristwatches. SEE ALSO: Tim Cook will take his Apple Watch secret to the grave Now okay, [Read Entire Story]

Crunch Report | Twitter’s new NFL deal

Twitter’s new NFL Deal, Verizon wins a $3.1 billion bid for Straight Path, Cisco buys Mindmeld and the Apple Watch could save your life. All this on Crunch Report. Read More SOURCE: TechCrunch - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Apple is secretly working to revolutionize how we treat diabetes

Personal computing, phones, watches, and ... diabetes? Cupertino-based Apple has over its 41-year lifespan successfully disrupted the former, but it may be about to revolutionize treatment for the latter. ; SEE ALSO: Apple just fixed an iPhone flaw that overwhelmed the 911 system According to a report from CNBC, the tech giant has a secret team of scientists working to develop technology that would allow for the continuous and non-invasive monitoring of blood sugar levels as part of an effort to [Read Entire Story]

Apple reportedly has secret team working on Apple Watch tech for diabetes

Apple has already demonstrated its dedication to health tech with the release of its CareKit medical app, but now the company may be quietly working on a ‘breakthrough’ Apple Watch solution for those suffering from diabetes. The Cupertino titan has purportedly assembled a small – but highly qualified – team of biomedical engineers to develop sensors that can non-invasively monitor blood sugar levels to more efficiently treat diabetes, CNBC reports. The technology was initially conceived by the [Read Entire Story]

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Synthesizer

Teenage Engineering has made waves with their synthesizers that many in the music industry refused to believe in because of their design, user interface and small form factor. They’re doubling down on everything that made all their initial releases great with the Teenage Engineering OP-Z Synthesizer. It fits in your inner pocket. It has enough […] ; ; ; ; ; ; ;Related Stories8 Tips to Help You Achieve Inbox ZeroThe Griff 300 Drone Can Lift 500 PoundsThis Stand Turns Your Apple Watch [Read Entire Story]

Now you can turn your Apple Watch into a mini retro Macintosh for $15

This is everything you never knew you needed. Dubbed "W3", Elago's latest Apple Watch stand is a miniature version of the iconic original Macintosh from 1984. SEE ALSO: You can finally play 'Pokémon Go' on an Apple Watch Besides looking amazing, the W3 is also pretty functional. Compatible with all Apple watches, it supports Apple's nightstand mode, allowing you to use it as an alarm clock by your beside table. It also features a slot at the back, allowing you to charge your watch at the [Read Entire Story]

The Griff 300 Drone Can Lift 500 Pounds

Griff Aviation, a professional Unmanned Aerial Systems developer out of Norway, just released a new drone capable of lifting almost 500 pounds. The strikingly designed Griff 300 Drone uses eight propellers to lift loads up to 496lbs and can stay in the air for up to 45 minutes. While there’s no word yet on speed, […] ; ; ; ; ; ; ;Related StoriesThis Stand Turns Your Apple Watch Into a Vintage MacintoshThe Etch Clock Engraves Time on Its SurfaceLouis CK Now Has an App ; SOURCE: Cool [Read Entire Story]

This Stand Turns Your Apple Watch Into a Vintage Macintosh

There aren’t a lot of affordable accessories that will improve the performance or features of your Apple Watch, but the Elago W3 is definitely one of them because this stand turns your Apple Watch into a vintage Macintosh computer. Well, kind of. Made from scratch-free silicone and designed to work with all Apple Watch series, […] ; ; ; ; ; ; ;Related StoriesThe Etch Clock Engraves Time on Its SurfaceLouis CK Now Has an AppEndless Mission One Computer ; SOURCE: Cool Material - Read [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit acquires Vector Watch

Fitbit recently acquired smartwatch maker Pebble. The company today announced yet another acquisition, but this time it’s acquiring a fairly unpopular company: Vector Watch. If you are a Windows Phone user, you may be familiar with Vector Watch as the company’s smartwatch is definitely one of the best smartwatches out there which supports Windows Phone. The company also has a pretty powerful Windows Phone app that Vector Watch owners can use to customize and control their [Read Entire Story]