Wear OS by Google gives Android Wear a smartwatch reboot

Android Wear has relaunched with a new name, with the smartwatch platform now called Wear OS by Google. The decision, Google says, was a fairly straightforward one: a growing percentage of Android Wear smartwatch owners were actually using it connected to an iPhone. Indeed, in 2017 the company claims, one in every three new Android Wear watches was paired up … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Pricedrop! Martian Hybrid Smartwatch now only $79.99

If you haven’t yet joined the Smartwatch revolution, it might be because you’ve been put off by premium prices, or perhaps the gadgety appearance. If so, a Martian mVoice Hybrid Smartwatch might just be your gateway to this technology. But don’t for a moment think that a promotional price equals a lack of features or quality. These stylish timepieces have some seriously impressive moves. Control your smart home devices right from your watch The Martian Smartwatch comes in a range of subtle [Read Entire Story]

Meet Wear OS: the smartwatch platform formerly known as Android Wear

Google is renaming its smartwatch operating system: Android Wear is out. Wear OS is in. The move is mostly about branding, but it also makes sense: while Android Wear watches were only able to pair with Android phones at launch, users have been able to use smartwatches running Google’s software with iPhones since 2015. Maybe […] The post Meet Wear OS: the smartwatch platform formerly known as Android Wear appeared first on Liliputing. SOURCE: Liliputing - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit’s new mass market wearable to rumored to be called Versa

Fitbit is reportedly aware that their Ionic smartwatch wasn’t as successful as they were hoping it would be. That’s why the rumor was that they will be releasing a new device and this one will build on what Ionic was offering but is targeted for the mass market. Evan Blass, a reliable source of leaks […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit introduces the Ionic Adidas Edition smartwatch, priced at $330

Fitbit announced it was partnering up with Adidas last year and now we can finally see the fruits of the collaboration in the form of the Ionic Adidas Edition. The post Fitbit introduces the Ionic Adidas Edition smartwatch, priced at $330 appeared first on AndroidGuys. SOURCE: AndroidGuys - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit’s affordable smartwatch leaks out

Earlier this week we reported that Fitbit is working on a “Family” of smartwatches which are scheduled to release year. While everyone’s still getting their heads around how Fitbit’s smartwatches will work, Wareable shared some renders of what might be the upcoming smartwatch from Fitbit. The device has a watch face similar to that of Fitbit devices […] Read More: Fitbit’s affordable smartwatch leaks out SOURCE: MSPoweruser - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit’s Apple Watch rival leaks with strong hints of Pebble

Though the market for smartwatches feels like it’s on the decline these days, there are still a few companies that are doing well with wearables. Apple is one that immediately springs to mind, and now it appears that Fitbit is going to try to challenge the dominance of the Apple Watch. Rumor has it that the company has a new … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit working on a new smartwatch with mass appeal

Fitbit perhaps is one of the more prolific wearable brands today. There aren’t many competitors at the moment but this company is one of the more reliable ones since year 2013 when it started syncing directly with select Android smartphones. The Fitbit Ionic has recently gotten the Adidas Edition for exclusive training. We were also […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit plans to launch a “Family” of smartwatches this year

Fitbit is not a having a good time when it comes to sales as people have started looking at other options with better features. However, it looks like this might change this year as the company finally has decided to move from activity trackers to smartwatches. At the latest earnings call, Fitbit said it would produce […] Read More: Fitbit plans to launch a “Family” of smartwatches this year SOURCE: MSPoweruser - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Apple Patents Wireless Charging Case For The Apple Watch

As it stands the only device of Apple’s that supports wireless charging are its 2017 iPhones, but that is expected to change as Apple is working on a wireless charging case for the AirPods, but it also seems that there could be a similar case for the Apple Watch, at least according to a recently discovered patent.The patent describes a case that is meant to hold the actual watch itself where it will help to wireless charge it while it is inside the case and placed on a wireless charging mat, [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Ionic: adidas Edition Smartwatch Launched

When Apple launched the Apple Watch, they managed to partner up with Nike where they also released the Apple Watch Nike+, which is essentially the Apple Watch with a special Nike band and some software features. It looks like Fitbit has since done the same, except with Nike’s competitor Adidas.The company has officially announced the Fitbit Ionic: adidas Edition smartwatch. As the name implies, this is a collaboration between Fitbit and Adidas where for the most part, it is still the same Fitbit [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition adds exclusive training

Fitbit’s latest play for your wrist is the Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition, with an exclusive Adidas Train app that focus on cardio, strength, and flexibility training. Based on the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, the Adidas version gets custom hardware and software, including a two-tone breathable sport band in Ink Blue and Ice Gray, on a Silver Gray aluminum case. On the … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

The Ionic Adidas Edition is Fitbit’s answer to the Apple Watch Nike+

Enlarge (credit: Fitbit) Those previously on the fence about getting a Fitbit Ionic smartwatch now have a new model to consider. Fitbit revealed its device collaboration with Adidas today—the Ionic Adidas Edition is a spiced-up Ionic smartwatch featuring an Adidas-made watch face, special wristbands, and the Adidas Train app for runners. Similar to the Apple Watch Nike+ edition, this version of Fitbit's smartwatch combines all of the features of the original Ionic with exclusive perks [Read Entire Story]

This smartwatch doesn’t look like a smartwatch, and that’s awesome

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. We get it: You want all the convenience and technological wonder of a smartwatch, but still want to attend grown-up parties without looking like an extra from Back to the Future Part II. All you wanted to do is count your steps in peace, but you reach for a glass of champagne, pulling back your sleeve, and [Read Entire Story]

Omate x Nanoblock smartwatch for kids packs 3G, selfie camera, blocky design

Tata Communications has announced Omate x Nanoblock, a smartwatch designed for children. This wearable’s design somewhat resembles the Apple Watch, only with miniature plastic blocks like LEGOs on the band. The Omate x Nanoblock is designed to help parents keep track of their kids and communicate with them on the go, offering a bunch of features including 3G, two-way voice … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Report Claims Apple Watch Outsold The Swiss Watch Industry Combined

When smartwatches were still fairly new, it wasn’t surprising that many in the Swiss watch industry turned their noses up at the concept, believing that it would be hard for such gadgets to beat a classic timepiece. To a certain extent it is true as there will always be a place for more traditional watches, but the latest data is suggesting that Swiss watchmakers probably need to start paying closer attention.In sales estimates from research firms Canalys and IDC, it seems that Apple might have [Read Entire Story]

Huawei files patent for new smartwatch gesture control

Huawei will keep a low profile at the Mobile World Congress by not introducing a premium flagship smartphone. It will still be presenting new products at the tech event but don’t expect any grand announcements as before. What we can expect is a new smartwatch as part of the top Chinese OEM’s third generation wearables […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Study Finds Apple Watch Can Detect Diabetes With 85% Accuracy

We have been hearing rumors that Apple is looking (or is already working on) a way to create non-invasive glucose tracking for the Apple Watch. This is versus current methods of glucose tracking which usually involves users having to draw their own blood for testing, which in some situations might not be sanitary or convenient, not to mention painful for some.However according to a study by Cardiogram (via Cult of Mac), it seems that the Apple Watch can already detect diabetes without the need [Read Entire Story]

Amazfit BIP is a $99 smartwatch with a 45-day battery

If you’re not that brand-conscious when it comes to devices and would rather have something that you don’t need to charge every day, then a new wearable from Huami is now available in the market. The Amazfit BIP not only boasts of more than decent features, but it also has a design that looks more […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Android Wear 2.0 lag issue finally fixed by Google

Smartwatch owners who upgraded to Android Wear 2.0 expected their device to perform better than the previous update because of all the new features that Google was hyping up. What they didn’t expect was that they would face major lag issues and in fact, their smartwatch would sometimes be rendered useless if they swipe away […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch Series 3 Sales Up 100% Compared To Series 2 Last Year

When Apple first launched the Apple Watch, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t really what many were expecting and it did leave something to be desired. However to Apple’s credit, the subsequent iterations of the Apple Watch have seen vast improvements, especially with the Apple Watch Series 3 which finally introduced LTE connectivity.Apple’s decision to finally include LTE connectivity in the Apple Watch Series 3 appears to have paid off because in the company’s latest financials, Apple is claiming [Read Entire Story]

Coach Unveils New Apple Watch Bands

The Apple Watch comes with several options for bands, ranging from ones designed for sports, to more classy-looking ones that you can use for formal events and occasions. Apple has also worked with fashion houses to design more luxurious bands for its more discerning customers, like those made by Hermes.However if you’re looking for other high-end offerings, you might be interested to learn that Coach has recently unveiled new bands for the Apple Watch. Initially reported by Haute Ecriture (via [Read Entire Story]