Samsung Gear VR powers Impossibly NYX Professional Makeup experience

Beauty and technology aren’t really strange bedfellows as we’ve seen apps and products that cater to those who are into fashion or clothes and accessories and now, make-up. We’ve seen Sephora use AR to sell their products and now it’s NYX’s turn with their tie-up with Samsung for the Impossibly NYX Professional Makeup experience. Using […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Oculus VR store now gives users easier refunds

At the Google Play Store, users who make app purchases have a good window of time to test out the app and see if it is worth the money they spent. If not, they can immediately request for a refund. People who purchase from the Oculus VR store – for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Samsung collabs with X Games to stream three events to Gear VR

Streaming to virtual reality (VR) platforms is relatively new, although the technology for it is now available, and VR headsets and platforms are slowly getting mass appeal. So it doesn’t surprise us at all that Samsung is now teaming up with the X Games to stream three events to the Samsung Gear VR platform. At […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Gear VR could recognize a wearer someday, patent says

Biometrics may soon go beyond the iris scanning, fingerprint reading, and facial recognition as the Samsung Gear VR is believed to be upgraded with headset recognition. The idea is from a recent patent that was filed, showing some details that the virtual reality headset could recognize who is wearing it. There’s not much information when […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Samsung working on standalone Gear VR headset with 2,000 ppi display — report

It looks like you might not need a smartphone to use Samsung’s upcoming Gear VR headset. According to a report by Naver, the tech giant is working on a standalone VR headset that will be equipped with a built-in OLED display. What’s even more interesting is that the display is said to have a pixel density of 2,000 ppi. That’s a lot more than other VR headsets currently available on the market including the Oculus Rift — 460 ppi. The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, for example, which are [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Gear VR receives Chromecast support for social streaming

We didn’t expect this one to happen but what do you know, the Samsung Gear VR is getting Chromecast support. The good news was recently shared by Oculus. With this move, users can share their Gear VR experiences with more people in the same room. The experience is personal but others can now see what you […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Devs are working on making Gear VR compatible with other smartphones

One developer at XDA was able to get the Samsung Gear VR working with his LG V20, and he wants to help make it happen for others. SOURCE: Phandroid - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Bill Gates, VR super nerd, will now take you into the future

"Hello, my name is Bill Gates, super nerd. Join me as I use these technology goggles to take you into the feeeeeewchaaaaah!" ; Of course that's what the co-founder of Microsoft was thinking when he posted Sunday what might be his nerdiest photo yet (and he has a bunch), all in the service of promoting his new Samsung Gear VR channel. ; SEE ALSO: Finding your chill in VR is easy when you can meditate on Mars This pic of Gates donning a VR headset while looking wistfully into the distance, mouth [Read Entire Story]

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus don’t support Google Daydream

This article originally appeared on our sister-site, VR Source. Despite it being one of the most powerful smartphones ever made, and meeting all of the necessary requirements, the Samsung Galaxy S8 does not natively support Google Daydream. When trying to install the Daydream app on the new S8 or S8 Plus, for use with Samsung’s Gear VR headset, you’ll simply be greeted with an error message. Though Samsung’s Gear VR platform is the more developed in terms of available content, and Samsung [Read Entire Story]

Deal: Samsung Gear VR for only $50 from T-Mobile ($50 off)

This post originally appeared on our sister site, VRSource. Samsung just announced a new Gear VR at MWC 2017, and that means there are a heck of a lot of older Gear VR headsets that need to be sold. What better way to get rid of extra stock than to sell them at a 50% discount! That’s right – you can snag a Gear VR headset from T-Mobile right now for just $50, which is $50 off the original $100 price point. Not a bad deal. It’s worth noting that this is the SM-R323 model, which [Read Entire Story]

Oculus adds live streaming from Samsung Gear VR to Facebook and more

Oculus revealed a number of new software features and improvements it is adding to its own Oculus Rift headset, along with the Samsung Gear VR. Perhaps the biggest addition is a way to live stream games played on the Gear VR to your Facebook account. See also:Samsung Gear VR motion controller quick look and image gallery1 week ago The process is simple. When you play a game on the Gear VR headset, and want to start live streaming your gameplay, all you have to do is select the “Livestream [Read Entire Story]

Facebook 360 app now available on Samsung Gear VR

While you can actually see 360 degree photos and videos on your smartphone or tablet or even on your desktop, nothing beats viewing it using a virtual reality headset. And since a lot of people are apparently uploading this kind of media on Facebook, it was only a matter of time until they finally have […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Do you actually use smartphone-based VR systems? (Daydream, Cardboard, Gear VR)

A few weeks ago a friend who doesn’t keep up on the latest tech trends asked me about virtual reality, so I explained that right now you can break things into expensive, PC-based systems like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, or cheaper, but less powerful smartphone-based solutions like Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, and […] Do you actually use smartphone-based VR systems? (Daydream, Cardboard, Gear VR) is a post from: Liliputing SOURCE: Liliputing - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Hulu VR app lets you watch shows in a virtual living room with your virtual friends

While some traditional media players rush out virtual reality apps in slapdash fashion, hoping to ride the trend with me-too, lackluster efforts, Hulu's attempts are actually promising. ; On Wednesday, the company released an update to its mobile VR app for the Gear VR and its desktop app for the Oculus Rift, both of which make watching Hulu content in VR even more immersive. SEE ALSO: Oculus Rift gets voice-controlled search in VR Now you can use your Oculus Avatars on both the Gear VR and the [Read Entire Story]

Deal: Samsung Gear VR $53 on Amazon (down from $95)

This week we’ve already seen a sale on the Google Daydream VR, but if you own a Samsung phone, perhaps this reduction on the Gear VR headset will be of greater interest to you. The 2nd generation (latest) Samsung Gear VR is on sale at Amazon for $52.51, down from the previous $94.99 price. The offer comes from third-party sellers but is ‘Fulfilled by Amazon,’ meaning you’re covered by Amazon should you have any problems or wish to return it. The Samsung Gear VR was built in [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Gear VR Internet app gets WebVR support

The problem with smartphone-powered virtual reality experiences is the dearth of significant content for the platform. At least compared to the likes of the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. While there are, of course, a few mobile VR apps around, a good number of VR content is out of reach because they are available only in other places, like web … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Samsung is working on a new Gear VR headset and augmented reality device

Samsung has already staked a claim in virtual reality, releasing two Gear VR headsets to date, and the company is not slowing down any time soon. Samsung Electronics Vice President Dr. Sung-Hoon Hong recently spoke at the Virtual Reality Summit that took place in California. During his time on stage, Hong outlined that Samsung is currently working on a brand new Gear VR headset which will be “presented in a short time.” Unfortunately, he did not go into any additional details [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Gear VR Delivers Virtual Reality Anywhere You Are

Samsung Gear VR Delivers Virtual Reality Anywhere You Are is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile. The Samsung Gear VR is powered by Oculus, delivering access to 360 degree videos, virtual reality games and an IMAX like movie theater experience wherever you go. Virtual Reality is one of the hottest experiences of 2016 and one of the most requested gifts of the holidays. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a VR headset that connects to a gaming PC that sits at home. The [Read Entire Story]

This week’s best smartphone, smartwatch and accessory deals [Oct 14]

We've pulled together all the best smartphone, smartwatch and accessory deals from this past week. This week's highlights include the Nexbit Robin for $200, the HTC 10 for $550, the Huawei Watch for $203 and the Jaybird X2 for $80. SOURCE: Phandroid - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Latest Oculus VR update linked to heavy battery drain on Samsung phones

In theory, app updates are meant to bring bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as new features. Unfortunately, for all the fixes added, updates tend to sneak in at least a few bugs as well. That’s unfortunately what appears to be happening with the latest version of the Oculus app for Samsung devices.A number of Redditors have been complaining about poor battery life that started around last night, when the new update arrived. I actually noticed this myself, as I left my Galaxy S7 [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Gear VR headset getting Xbox controller support

There are plenty of good controllers you can use your Samsung Gear VR with, but gamers can get pretty picky when it comes to their accessories. The Xbox controller continues to be a favorite among users, which means many of you have something to celebrate today.Microsoft has decided to add Xbox controller support to the Samsung Gear VR headset. The first game to support Microsoft’s gamepad will be Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, thanks to update that is scheduled to come in early October. The [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Gear VR 2nd gen now up for pre-order

It may have flown a little under the radar because of the announcement of the Galaxy Note 7, but Samsung is also releasing a new version of their Gear VR headset. The device will be available in the market starting August 19 as well together with the newest of their phablets. But if you’re very much eager to have the new virtual reality toy, you can already start pre-ordering it through the Samsung online store and maybe other online stores as well. Some of the major improvements that Samsung [Read Entire Story]