Apple Watch Series 3’s Cellular Access Blocked In China

China is notorious when it comes to online censorship and also dictating what can or cannot be accessed on the internet, which is why it did not really come as a surprise to learn that the Apple Watch Series 3’s cellular connectivity feature has been blocked in the country following concerns about its eSIM.This is according to a report from The Wall Street Journal who has suggested that the eSIM could be one of the reasons why cellular connectivity has been blocked. The report reads, “The [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch Reportedly Helped Detect Lung Blood Clot

Our smartwatches and fitness bands have been designed to keep track of certain biometrics, like calories burned, distance walked, and even our heart rate. However sometimes it seems that our wearables can detect more than we give it credit for, like in the past where the Apple Watch has managed to help detect an impending heart attack.Now according to a report from The Telegraph (via 9to5Mac), it seems that the Apple Watch has managed to save yet another life by detecting a lung blood clot that [Read Entire Story]

New Android Wear 2.0 Features Can Now Arrive Via Play Store

Gone are the days when Android users had to wait months for an updated service or native app because they were tied to monolithic firmware updates. These key updates are now sent via the Google Play Store for Android smartphones. Google is finally doing the same for Android Wear as well. Google can now add new features and services for Android Wear 2.0 through the Play Store. Google’s Hoi Lam confirmed on Google+ that new features for Android Wear 2.0 can now be delivered through the Play [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 Models Go On Sale

If you’ve been meaning to purchase Apple’s new smartwatch but have been waiting for the Nike+ models to come out, then the day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Customers who want one can head over to Apple and Best Buy right now to order the Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 models. The regular Apple Watch Series 3 models have already been available for a couple of weeks now. Nike recently released an update for its Nike+ Run Club app which brought some new features, such as [Read Entire Story]

Razergon VR Is A Wireless VR Headset That Does Not Require A Phone

One of the problems we are seeing with most virtual reality (VR) headsets these days is that they are wired and usually require users to be tethered to a computer, or in some cases like the Google Cardboard, Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, and so on, require users to use their mobile phones to power the headset.This means that for the most part, most VR solutions offered today aren’t quite as mobile. However that is something that OQTAGON wants to change as the company has announced the Razergon [Read Entire Story]

Twitter Apple Watch App Pulled Due To Bugs

Twitter today rolled out an update for its iPhone app which pulls the accompanying Apple Watch app. There have been quite a few reports about bugs on the Apple Watch iteration of the Twitter app. The microblogging network has deemed it fit to pull the app temporarily as it goes back to fix the bugs. It’s unclear when the app will be released again. Many Twitter users on the Apple Watch have complained about the app crashing on the smartwatch since watchOS 4 was released earlier this month. [Read Entire Story]

Bit Smart Watch for AppleAndroid phones

FUNCTION – full function smart watch in a Classic design. Ips touch screen for bright clear viewing and interfacing with pre-loaded apps. Works with iPhone or Android. COMMUNICATIONS – send and receive phone calls, texts and email. Receives notifications from phone apps. FITNESS- count daily steps, check your heart rate, monitor your sleep patterns and upload to Bit watch app to keep track. Compare to daily goals. MUSIC VAULT – 8G of on board storage allows you to load and [Read Entire Story]

Verizon’s Wear24 Android Wear Smartwatch Has Been Discontinued

Carriers such as Verizon aren’t strangers to making and releasing their own branded hardware. We’ve seen it happen with tablets, and with wearables being a popular segment in tech market these days, it did not come as a surprise when earlier this year in February, Verizon announced and launched their own Android Wear smartwatch.Dubbed the Wear24, it marked Verizon’s first foray into the Android Wear scene, but unfortunately it seems that Verizon’s adventure was short-lived. In a confirmation by [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit’s Ionic smarwatch and Flyer headphones launch on October 1

Fitbit’s new smartwatch finally has an official release date: October 1, or this Sunday. The company also announced the Flyer, it’s new headphones, will go on sale the same day. We said we enjoyed the device in our review, but it’s more of a smart fitness tracker than a bonafide smartwatch. Though Fitbit is seeking to expand its app community, the company’s smartwatch features amount to controlling Music, playing Pandora, and using a Starbucks gift card. On the other hand, it’s packed with [Read Entire Story]

BlackBerry Smartwatch No Longer Seems Like A Myth

BlackBerry hasn’t had much luck with hardware over the past decade. The smartphones that it made itself didn’t sell as well as it might have hoped. The company only made one tablet and that flopped as well. We never go to see any wearable devices from the company so while a BlackBerry smartwatch might have seemed like a myth at one point, it appears to be a genuine possibility now. No, BlackBerry isn’t making a return to hardware. It’s sticking with the decision it made [Read Entire Story]

Android Wear 2.0 For LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Released By AT&T

There hasn’t been a consistent release roadmap for Android Wear 2.0 and that hasn’t been ideal for those who have been waiting for this major update. Many compatible smartwatch owners have had to wait for several months just for the update to start rolling. The wait ends now for LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition owners on AT&T. The carrier is now rolling out Android Wear 2.0 for this smartwatch. The first generation model of this smartwatch actually received the Android Wear 2.0 [Read Entire Story]

The Apple Watch Series 2 Has Been Discontinued

At Apple’s iPhone event a few days ago, the company unveiled not just its new iPhones, but it also unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3, which based on the rumors was pretty much to be expected. Unfortunately the launch also signaled the end of one Apple Watch model, and that is 2016’s Series 2.If you were hoping that you could get the Apple Watch Series 2 on the cheap now that the Apple Watch Series 3 is out, you’d be out of luck because Apple has discontinued the model. This is rather unfortunate [Read Entire Story]

Now that the Apple Watch has a SIM card, I really don’t want it

The first major product announcement Apple was proud to make at its new Steve Jobs Theater last night was the Apple Watch Series 3, which features a better processor, a swimproof body and cellular connectivity thanks to an embedded SIM card. That means you can use it without your phone to receive notifications, receive calls, monitor your heart rate and stream music. While I didn’t care for the original Apple Watch or its successor, I definitely don’t want this one in my life. I should point out [Read Entire Story]

Verizon’s App Makes Reference To Apple Watch Series 3

If the rumors are true, Apple is working on its third-gen Apple Watch which could be unveiled alongside the new iPhones on the 12th of September, which is tomorrow. However none of this has been confirmed, but it seems that we might have gotten additional corroboration about the device thanks to Verizon.It was noticed by users on Reddit (via 9to5Mac) that Verizon’s app made mention of the Apple Watch Series 3 in one of the configuration screens used to adding a device. This is particularly [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit To Bring Glucose Monitoring To Its Ionic Smartwatch

If you’re a diabetic who needs to keep constant tabs on their glucose levels, then you know that more traditional methods of doing so will require you to stop what you’re doing to check your glucose levels, either by drawing blood or through other cumbersome methods. This is why we have heard rumors that Apple could be interested in a non-invasive method of measuring glucose levels through the Apple Watch.Whether or not those rumors are true remains to be seen, but in the meantime it looks like [Read Entire Story]

Review: Michael Kors’ new Access smartwatches show fashion brands could save Android Wear

While Android phone makers seem to be giving up on Android Wear, traditional fashion brands only seem to be embracing it more. And you know what? It might be one of the best things for the future of the smartwatch. Michael Kors’ new Sofie and Grayson smartwatches are not just good-looking watches, they’re all-around solid gadgets. I had my concerns. Last year’s model, the Dylan, wasn’t quite to my taste. The design was nice – which is ultimately what matters for a fashion brand – but it had [Read Entire Story]

Garmin Launches Vivosport Activity Tracker With GPS

#IFA2017- Garmin has announced the launch of a new vivosport activity tracker in Berlin. The new wearable devices features GPS tracking and Elevate wrist-based heart rate monitoring system. It has an always-on Garmin Chroma color touchscreen display with new built-in sports app for tracking activities like cycling, cardio, and strength training. Garmin says that it has optimized the new vivosport for both indoor and outdoor workouts. The Garmin vivosport provides users with smart notifications [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Finally Launched

Fitbit has been working on a proper smartwatch. This wasn’t a secret. After months of rumors and reported delays, the company has finally launched its first smartwatch officially. It’s called the Fitbit Ionic and the company says that it offers the “ultimate curation of advanced health and fitness features.” The Fitbit Ionic has a new relative SpO2 sensor which will enable it to track insights like sleep apnea in the future. The smartwatch features GPS tracking, on-device [Read Entire Story]

IFA 2017: What To Expect

There will be a lot of interesting news coming out of Berlin, Germany, next week. Major consumer electronics companies will be unveiling new gadgets at Europe’s biggest electronics convention. You can expect to see new smartphones, smartwatches, connected devices, home appliances, and more being unveiled at the event. Here’s a list of what to expect from IFA 2017.We would like to think our IFA 2017 main sponsor, Lenovo, and remind you that their IFA Media event will happen [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Ionic isn’t the Apple Watch, and that’s a good thing for fitness buffs

Fitbit was, for years, a company without an identity. Packaged and marketed for fitness aficionados, the products often felt behind other offerings, and without a clear place in the market. It wasn’t the cheapest, didn’t offer the most advanced features, and some of the company’s UX decisions left a lot to be desired. Fitbit’s new offering — and first true smartwatch — Ionic, seems to hit the sweet spot. Ionic looks like the Apple Watch, but only in the sense that it’s a band, an LCD screen, and [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Tracker Rumored

Last year Samsung launched their fitness tracker the Samsung Gear Fit2, which based on its name is clearly the successor to the Samsung Gear Fit. However it seems that Samsung will be back this year with a new fitness tracker which according to a post by Evan Blass on VentureBeat will be known as the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro.It’s interesting that Samsung might not call it the Gear Fit3, unless of course the company has plans for a Gear Fit3 and that the Gear Fit2 Pro will be a variation of last [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch Series 3 Will Not Sport New Form Factor

The Apple Watch has kept to the same design ever since it was released, and while it’s not the hyped up design that was rumored about, it’s not terrible either, although we guess we wouldn’t mind seeing some variety. It was initially thought that Apple would address that with the Apple Watch Series 3, but apparently that is no longer the case.According to a note to investors obtained by the folks at AppleInsider, the notoriously-accurate analyst of KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that the [Read Entire Story]