Hublot Unveils The ‘Big Bang Referee’ Wear OS Smartwatch

When smartwatches were first announced, many Swiss luxury watchmakers seemed dismissive of the idea, and while for the most part many still seem reluctant to embrace it, some have come around such as TAG Heuer. It looks like TAG Heuer won’t be alone in their smartwatch endeavors because Hublot has launched their own luxury smartwatch.Dubbed the “Big Bang Referee”, this is a smartwatch that the company has designed for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup. The watch is powered by Google’s Wear OS [Read Entire Story]

Hublot’s first smartwatch will cost over $5,000

Another luxury brand is jumping into the smartwatch game. Hublot has announced that it's making a limited number of its first smartwatch -- an extension of its Big Bang line that's all about the 2018 FIFA World Cup. While World Cup referees will wear... SOURCE: Engadget RSS Feed - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Apple is reportedly developing its own MicroLED displays for upcoming wearables

After crafting its own processors over the past couple of years, Apple is now getting into the display business, reports Bloomberg. The company is said to have some 300 engineers working on an upcoming screen tech called MicroLED at its Santa Clara facility. The idea is to create a better display, first for its smartwatches and later for its phones, and perhaps eventually ditch third-party suppliers like Samsung and LG. But don’t expect an Apple MicroLED display on your wrist anytime soon. The [Read Entire Story]

Google Confirms Android Wear Will Now Be Called Wear OS

It was reported earlier this week that Google might be looking to rebrand Android Wear, the iteration of its mobile platform meant for smartwatches. The company says that trends have shifted significantly ever since Android Wear was launched which is why it has decided to announce a new name for Android Wear which better reflects the reality. Android Wear will henceforth be known as Wear OS by Google. Google has worked with dozens of technology and fashion brands to launch Android Wear-powered [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Ace Is A New Wearable Fitness Band For Kids

Fitbit is best known for its wearable fitness trackers and the company today expanded the reach of its products to kids. It has launched the Fitbit Ace today, its first wearable fitness band meant for children aged 8 and up. The band is capable of tracking steps, active minutes, and sleep with up to five days of battery life on a single charge. Fitbit says that its aim with the Ace is to inspire kids to build healthy habits and counter decreasing levels of activity in children. The Ace will [Read Entire Story]

Device makers, stop it with the rose gold

I’ve lost count of the number of devices that came with a rose gold finish that I’ve written about and reviewed in the past year. From phones to laptops to smartwatches to speakers, the luxurious hue is everywhere – and now I’m done with it. While rose gold was first seen on devices as far back as 2012 (ASUS featured it on its ZenBook back then), it seemed to gather steam over the past few years after Apple began using it for its Watch and iPhones in 2014. It’s not that I detest the color on its [Read Entire Story]

Android Wear may soon be renamed ‘Wear OS’

In a post published over the weekend, Redditor H3x0n pointed to a new name and logo for Google’s Android Wear platform as they set up a smartwatch for use with their phone – which leads us to believe that the company may soon rebrand it with the label ‘Wear OS.’ H3x0n’s post included a screenshot that shows what the new logo looks like: The move sounds sensible: Android Wear watches work with both Android and iOS devices, so the new moniker could reduce confusion on that front. It’ll be [Read Entire Story]

Huawei Watch 3 Is Being Developed But Won’t Be Released Soon

Huawei CEO Richard Yu has said that the company has a new smartwatch in the pipeline but also added that it’s not in a hurry to release it. This means that while the company is working on the Huawei Watch 3, it’s going to take some time before Huawei’s new wearable device hits the market. Speaking to TechRadar, Yu said that the Huawei Watch 3 will come later. He added that “there’s no hurry because Huawei Watch 2 sells well. We’re not in a hurry, so we’re launching the [Read Entire Story]

Apple Reportedly Working On Water Resistant AirPods

According to a new report, Apple is working on upgrades for its AirPods wireless headphones. It’s said that the company intends to frequently update the AirPods with new hardware features much like it does with its other wearable devices like the Apple Watch. Apple is reportedly working on a new AirPods model which will be water resistant. It’s expected to release a new version as soon as this year with an upgraded wireless chip. Bloomberg reports that the new AirPods model due this [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch Helps Save Woman & Her Baby After Car Accident

We’re not sure if it was by design, by the Apple Watch has saved many a life ever since it was released, with its heart-rate monitoring features alerting wearers to potential heart problems. It also comes with SOS features, which has helped to save the life of a woman and her baby following a car accident involving a drunk driver.In a report from Shape, Kacie Anderson, the woman in question was in her car at a red light with her 9-month old baby when a drunk driver ran into them. She tried to [Read Entire Story]

Nokia Could Possibly Sell Its Digital Health Business

Withings, the French wearables company, was acquired by Nokia last year after the company announced its intention to buy Withings in 2016. It joined the company and came to be known as Nokia Health. The new division came out with new products one of which was the Nokia Sleep that we saw at CES 2018 in January. However, Nokia could possibly end up selling its Digital Health business because the company has confirmed today that it has begun a strategic review of the business to consider its [Read Entire Story]

Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle – Tracks Water Intake & Glows to Remind You to Stay Hydrated

GLOWS to remind you to stay hydrated. Tracks water intakes and syncs with smartphones (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth. Integrates with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other activity trackers to adjust your daily water goal to your daily activity level. Holds 24 ounces. Fits in standard cup holder. Bottle cavity and cap dishwasher safe; hand wash sensor stick. Battery operated; no need for charging. SOURCE: 7 Gadgets - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Apple’s Wearables Business Almost As Big As Fortune 300 Company

For some reason, Apple has never bothered to disclose exactly how many units of the Apple Watch have been shipped or sold to date. They’ve only vaguely described how well sales are without actually providing any actual figures, which is usually left to third-party analytical firms to try and figure that out.That being said, Apple has never really stopped boasting at how well their wearables are doing. According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, apparently the company’s wearables business is approaching [Read Entire Story]

Study Finds Apple Watch Can Detect Diabetes With 85% Accuracy

We have been hearing rumors that Apple is looking (or is already working on) a way to create non-invasive glucose tracking for the Apple Watch. This is versus current methods of glucose tracking which usually involves users having to draw their own blood for testing, which in some situations might not be sanitary or convenient, not to mention painful for some.However according to a study by Cardiogram (via Cult of Mac), it seems that the Apple Watch can already detect diabetes without the need [Read Entire Story]

FDA Approves $249 Smartwatch That Detects Seizures

Empatica’s Embrace smartwatch isn’t like other wearable devices. Sure, it can tell you what time it is and analyze your sleep patterns, but it can also do something that almost every other smartwatch can’t. The Embrace is capable of sending the user an alert if it thinks that their body might be going into a seizure. The FDA has approved this $249 smartwatch which means it can now be sold to the public. Embrace relies on artificial intelligence to detect for signals indicating [Read Entire Story]

Google Fixes Android Wear’s ‘OK Google’ Lag

Lag is something that is very annoying to deal with, whether it be in games, on our computer, when we are surfing the net, or using apps on our phones. It also applies to smartwatches where according to reports from last year, some Android Wear devices were experiencing lag when using the “OK Google” hotword feature.However the good news is that according to a report from users on Reddit, it looks like the problem might have already been fixed. In a post on Reddit by user citypanda, “It’s [Read Entire Story]

Amazfit’s new Bip smartwatch promises 45-day battery life for just $100

One of the biggest reasons I rail against most smartwatches is their low battery life. Amazfit, a brand from Xiaomi’s wearable tech supplier Huami, says it’s got a fix for that with its new $100 Bip watch, which boasts more than a month of use on a single charge. That’s impressive, considering that the Android and iOS-compatible device comes with an always-on color touchscreen, fitness tracking capabilities (including monitoring your heart rate), and GPS. Amazfit says that the Bip will manage to [Read Entire Story]

Latest Build Of Android Wear Introduces Unread Notification Indicator

One of the perks of owning a smartwatch is that when it comes to getting notified of incoming messages and emails and whatnot, all you have to do is glance down at your wrist. This is versus having to fish out your phone from your bag or pockets which can be a bit troublesome, plus it’s also more discreet.For those who are rocking Android Wear devices, Google has announced that in the latest Android Wear SDK (version 2.2.0), they will be introducing unread notification indicators. This means [Read Entire Story]

Tag Heuer Is Selling The World’s Most Expensive Android Wear Smartwatch

You can buy an Android Wear-powered smartwatch for under $300 and now for as much as $197,000. Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has launched the world’s most expensive Android Wear smartwatch. It’s not a new device, mind you, it’s just a diamond-encrusted version of its existing Connected Modular 45 smartwatch that the company first launched last year. Tag Heuer unveiled this ostentatious creation called the TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamonds at the Salon International de la Haute [Read Entire Story]

Misfit Vapor Touchscreen Smartwatch

Smart-button function allows you to wirelessly play and pause music, take a selfie, control smart home devices, and more Vibration alerts call and text notifications, alarms, custom app notifications Compatibility: Android OS 4.3+, iPhone 5/ iOS 9+ SOURCE: 7 Gadgets - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Ressence Adds Modern Technology To A Mechanical Watch

Those who love their conventional watches don’t really care much for smartwatches. However, companies have been trying to capture that segment of the market with hybrid smartwatches. They pair analog watches with some smart functionality. A company called Ressence wants to take it one step further with the Type 2 e-Crown Concept which adds modern technology to a mechanical watch. The Ressence Type 2 e-Crown Concept has been designed in collaboration with Tony Fadell, the co-founder of [Read Entire Story]

LG Trademarks ‘Icon’ Smartwatch, ‘Iconic’ Smartphone

It seems that LG could have a couple of new devices in the works that might be unveiled in the near future. According to Evan Blass, it appears that LG has filed for trademarks for a couple of devices. One of which is a smartwatch called “Icon”, and the other isa smartphone called “Iconic”.There have been reports to suggest that LG could be rebranding its G-series flagship handsets, and so it has been speculated that the “Icon” moniker could be an indication of that happening. At this point in [Read Entire Story]