DEAL: Save up to $45 on the new Fitbit Ionic smartwatch as it gets its first real discount

Fitbit has been continuing to struggle over the course of 2017, but that hasn’t stopped the company from releasing a new smartwatch back in August. The Fitbit Ionic is based on the company’s proprietary software, meaning that it doesn’t run Android Wear, however, there is a dedicated app store to help improve the overall user experience. One of the big reasons why some folks may be turned off to the Fitbit Ionic, other than its looks, is the price – $300. For a newcomer [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Receives Major OS Update

Earlier this year, Fitbit launched their first smartwatch in the form of the Fitbit Ionic. Given that the Ionic is not powered by Android Wear, it means that it won’t have access to the variety of apps that Android Wear devices have access to. This was one of the criticisms of the Ionic at launch, which was the relative lack of available apps.However the good news is that Fitbit has worked to changed that, and in the latest update that they have issued to the smartwatch’s operating system, not [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit finally updates OS for Fitbit Ionic, brings apps and watchfaces

When Fitbit launched its new Ionic smartwatch a few months ago, one complaint was that there were not a lot of apps available for it. And then for a couple of months, they didn’t even update the Fitbit Operating System (OS) that powers the device. But now both are being given solutions as the Fitbit […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Vivoactive 3 review: Garmin’s often the underdog, often the better choice

(video link) The fight to make the best all-purpose smartwatch has never been tougher. There are a number of new wearables around the $300 mark that want to be your device of choice for both fitness and all-day wear. Since fitness is still the most practical use for wearables, most companies follow the same pattern: make the best fitness device for the money and supplement it with other smart features that would be most useful to the masses. Garmin's latest attempt to execute that plan is the [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch now on sale

After a few weeks of pre-orders Fitbit’s first smartwatch, the Fitbit Ionic, is now in stock and on sale. Focussed on health and fitness,  the Ionic is the first mainstream fitness band to track blood oxygen content, via a new SpO2 sensor, making it possible to track deeper health insights like sleep apnea.  The band […] Read More: Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch now on sale SOURCE: MSPoweruser - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch and Flyer wireless headphones launch on October 1st

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch and Flyer wireless headphones will land in stores on October 1st. You can pre-order them right now through SOURCE: Phandroid - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Price And Release Date Confirmed

Fitbit officially unveiled its first proper smartwatch a couple of weeks back. The company has now confirmed the price and release date for its Ionic smartwatch. When Fitbit announced Ionic smartwatch last month, it didn’t confirm when the wearable device would be released. The wait will soon be over, though, for those who want to pick one up. The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch will be available for purchase from major retailers across the globe starting October 1st. The device is going to cost [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit’s new partnership will bring diabetes monitoring to the Ionic smartwatch

Fitbit is looking to expand its health monitoring capabilities beyond just fitness tracking, so the company is teaming up with a major medical device maker to help people manage diabetes directly on their wrists. ; Fitbit just announced a new partnership with glucose monitoring device company Dexcom. The first initiative to come from the deal will bring Dexcom's data to the upcoming Ionic smartwatch, where glucose levels will be accessible right alongside steps, heart rate, and other stats [Read Entire Story]

Which Fitbit is right for you? (September 2017)

Fitbit, currently one of the most well-known names in the fitness tracking world, has seven different trackers on sale right now. Which one is right for you? Should you pick up one of the new fashion-forward devices like the Alta or Blaze, or should you consider an older one like the Surge or Charge 2? With devices ranging anywhere from $60-$250, there’s certainly a wide range of options from which to choose. So with that said, read on to find out which Fitbit is right for [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Finally Released Their First Smartwatch

Fitbit’s first official smartwatch, Ionic, is finally here. At first glance, it looks like a sleeker version of the Blaze fitness watch, but Ionic is packing a lot of cool new features under the hood.… ; ; ; ; ; ; ;Related StoriesSmart Buckle Turns Any Watch Into a Fitness TrackerTimberland Just Brought Back Their Original Waterproof Hiking BootsBetabrand’s Dress Pant Sweatpants Make Work More Comfortable ; SOURCE: Cool Material - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit announces Ionic smartwatch and Flyer headphones

It’s been known for some time that Fitbit was working hard on a smartwatch, and while delays had reportedly dragged out the launch, the time for waiting is now over. Today Fitbit officially announced the Ionic smartwatch, a wearable that’s priced at $299 and is available for pre-order today. The design is decidedly Fitbit, with a square display and plenty of room for bezels. The Ionic also supports interchangeable bands, with the company offering Sport, Leather, and Classic options. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi scale FDA approved, ‘most accurate’ yet

You’d think that Fitbit would be content with revealing both a brand new smartwatch and a pair of new fitness headphones in one day, but it didn’t stop there. The company also revealed its Aria 2 WiFi scale today, completing this trifecta of new fitness devices. As with the other two devices Fitbit introduced today, pre-orders for the Aria 2 … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Ionic launches as a fitness tracker and smartwatch in one

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned Fitbit was working on new smartwatch-fitness tracker with improved sensors. It’s not just a health and fitness tracker but a full-fledged smartwatch that offers many features than what you can enjoy from an ordinary tracker or smartwatch. This new wearable delivers personalized guidance, GPS, music, relative SpO2 sensor, […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit Ionic is the first smartwatch from the leader in fitness trackers

Fitbit has been one of the leading companies in the wearable space thanks to its line of popular fitness trackers. But with activity tracking features baked into multi-purpose devices like the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear line of products, and smartwatches running Google’s Android Wear, Fitbit’s been under pressure to launch its own smartwatch After acquiring […] Fitbit Ionic is the first smartwatch from the leader in fitness trackers is a post from: Liliputing SOURCE: Liliputing [Read Entire Story]

Meet Fitbit’s newest device, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch

Video shot/edited by Justin Wolfson. (video link) After nearly a year of rumors, Fitbit finally announced its first smartwatch today—the Fitbit Ionic. For the past 10 years, Fitbit has been one of the biggest players in the wearables game. However, it took the company a while to embrace the smartwatch trend. Last year's Fitbit Blaze was the closest the company got to creating a smartwatch, but the Blaze wasn't advanced enough to take on the Apple Watch or any Android Wear devices. Apple's and [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit working on a new smartwatch-fitness tracker with improved sensors

The name Fitbit is almost synonymous to health and fitness tracking. The brand has been working with Android smartphones for over four years now. We’ve seen a number of wearable devices and we know more will be introduced soon by Fitbit. The next one will be a total smartwatch-fitness tracker which is set to be […] SOURCE: Android Community - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit’s new smartwatch is what the Blaze should have been

Fitbit tried their hand at their first smartwatch-esque wearable with the Fitbit Blaze, but it was far from perfect. Will their second attempt at a fitness-focused smartwatch win fitness buffs over? SOURCE: Phandroid - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

A smartwatch won’t fix what’s broken with Fitbit

Fitbit’s Q2 earnings could have been worse. Unlike Q4 of last year, the company didn’t use the opportunity to announce that it would be laying off six percent of its staff. Still, things are bad. As we pointed out earlier in the week, the company’s stock price is little more than 10 percent of its 2015 high. Read More SOURCE: TechCrunch - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit smartwatch release date range revealed as financial storm continues

This afternoon Fitbit shared their financial earnings in a message that also tapped their upcoming smartwatch as a friendly beacon of light. This device has been long awaited – if you’re the sort of person who loves the Fitbit brand and needs a smartwatch, that is to say – and until now Fitbit’s provided scarce details on their eventual release. … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit promises its smartwatch will be available by year’s end

After plenty of anticipation, it looks like Fitbit will finally be ready to release its unnamed smartwatch into the world by the time the holidays roll around, according to the company in its second quarter earnings report. In the earnings call, Fitbit co-founder and CEO James Park confirmed certain details about the smartwatch, such as its health and fitness tracking features and water resistance up to 50 meters. Park also said the smartwatch will feature GPS, something that allegedly caused [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit’s Smartwatch Will Launch With Support From Third-Party Apps

Fitbit is probably best known for their fitness trackers, which over time have evolved in terms of design and functionality, which is why when we heard that Fitbit was planning a smartwatch of their own, this progression made complete sense. However since the announcement, we have been hearing quite a few troubling reports regarding the development of the watch.One of it being that the smartwatch could launch without support for third-party apps, but thankfully it seems that the rumors weren’t [Read Entire Story]

Fitbit says smartwatch still on track for release this year with new sensors

Fitbit’s Pebble-powered smartwatch is long in the coming, but Fitbit’s CEO has confirmed to the Financial Times that the smart wearable is still on track for delivery this year, denying rumours of any delay. Code-named Project Higgs, according to earlier leaks it features: A refined version of the Blaze aluminium unibody design with accents with […] Read More: Fitbit says smartwatch still on track for release this year with new sensors SOURCE: MSPoweruser - Read entire story [Read Entire Story]