iPhone Wireless Charging Rumors Supported By Apple Joining WPC

We’ve been hearing rumors for a very long time that Apple is bringing wireless charging to iPhones. This is a feature that has been present in other devices for a couple of years now but the iPhone has yet to catch up. The iPhone wireless charging rumors are now being supported by a major development. Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium. It’s officially listed under the consortium’s members list, the same list didn’t include Apple as recently as last week. This [Read Entire Story]

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging May Require Separate Accessory

Another day, another report about the iPhone 8. It has long been rumored that the iPhone 8 is finally going to get wireless charging and now there’s a new report out which claims that the next-generation iPhone is actually going to require a separate accessory for wireless charging. It’s also claimed in the report that the iPhone 8 is not going to come with a Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter. The report says that the iPhone 8’s wireless charging accessory could be [Read Entire Story]

Android Pay For Android Wear Won’t Work With Unlocked Bootloaders

Last year it was revealed that Android Pay would not work on devices with unlocked bootloaders. It has been speculated that this could be due to security reasons, which makes sense especially when you consider that this is dealing with credit cards and personal financial information.If you were hoping that Android Pay for Android Wear 2.0 would be more lax, think again. According to Android Police, it seems that if your phone has an unlocked bootloader, it will affect Android Pay for Android [Read Entire Story]

iOS 10.3 Brings WiFi Calling For Verizon iCloud Devices

Just yesterday Apple started to seed the iOS 10.3 to developers. The update will bring about quite a number of changes, such as changes to the file system as well as a “Find my AirPods” feature. It turns out that’s not all because it has been discovered that iOS 10.3 will also bring about WiFi calling for iCloud devices for Verizon customers.If you’re not a Verizon customer and you own an iOS device, there’s a good chance that you’re probably already familiar with the WiFi Calling feature as it [Read Entire Story]

Alleged Photos Of LG’s Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatches Leaked

Several days ago Sony confirmed that due to some inconsistencies that users were experiencing with the Android 7.0 Nougat update, they decided to halt the rollout for now. It has been about 3-4 days since and we’re sure that some of you guys are wondering about the status of the update.While Sony does not have a specific timeline, they did state that they are working on it and will begin pushing it out again ASAP. Their post on Twitter reads, “We’re still working on the inconsistencies in Nougat [Read Entire Story]

iPhone 8 Rumored To Feature Plastic Curved OLED Display From Samsung

There is no love lost between Apple and Samsung, but despite their differences, both companies seem to understand that business is business and still have dealings with each other despite their ongoing legal battles. That being said, that relationship is expected to continue into 2017 with the iPhone 8.According to a report from the Korea Herald (via 9to5Mac), Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to feature a plastic, curved OLED display that will be supplied by Samsung. We’re not sure if it is going be [Read Entire Story]

‘Sonic’ App Will Eject Water From Your iPhone 7’s Speakers

2016 is the year in which Apple introduced waterproofing features to two of its products: the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus and the Apple Watch Series 2. With the Apple Watch, Apple even announced that the smartwatch could be used for swimming, and there was even a unique feature in which the Apple Watch would use its speakers to eject any water that might have seeped in.Turns out that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are capable of doing the same thing as well, or at least that’s according to a post on Reddit [Read Entire Story]

August Smart Lock Now Works With Apple’s ‘Home’ App

There are a variety of smart locks available in the market today, but if there was one lock that was unique was the August Smart Lock (which we reviewed back in 2014). It is unique in the sense that installing it is a relatively painless experience without any drilling or locksmithing experience required.Now the smart lock is already compatible with the Apple Watch, and the good news for those who are embracing Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem, the August Smart Lock is now supported by the “Home” app [Read Entire Story]

Foxconn Reportedly Working On Wireless Charging For The iPhone 8

When it comes to wireless charging for Apple products, the Apple Watch is probably the closest thing we’ve got so far, and even then that’s kind of stretching it. However given the state of the wireless charging scene, we guess it is understandable that Apple isn’t so eager to adopt the technology just yet.That being said, that could change in 2017. A report from Nikkei (via AppleInsider) has revealed that Foxconn is apparently working on wireless charging modules that could be integrated into [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Apparently Denying Gear VR Refunds For Note 7 Customers

So Samsung is currently accepting returns and are also giving refunds for customers who bought the Galaxy Note 7. This makes perfect sense especially when you consider that the handsets are potentially dangerous. However it seems that Samsung isn’t extending the same courtesy to customers of the Gear VR.Now there is nothing wrong with the Gear VR. However some customers have bought the headset because they were planning on using it together with their new Note 7, but following the recall of the [Read Entire Story]

Apple Reportedly Investigating Exploding iPhone 6s Plus Units

All of the media hype concerning exploding smartphones is revolving around the Galaxy Note 7 these days but the fact remains that any smartphone with a lithium battery can face similar issues if some conditions are met, it doesn’t necessarily need to have a battery cell defect like the Galaxy Note 7. It’s now being reported that Apple is investigating latest reports of a pair of exploding iPhone 6s Plus units. “I heard a sizzling, then we heard the pop and the whole fire was [Read Entire Story]

Android Wear Smartwatches Not Pairing With The iPhone 7

Despite Android Wear being a Google platform, Android Wear smartwatches have typically been able to pair with the iPhone. Or at least that used to be the case until the iPhone 7 came along because since then, users have been reporting that they are unable to pair their Android Wear smartwatches with Apple’s latest iPhone.Google has since acknowledged the issue and have confirmed that devices such as the Moto 360 v2, ASUS ZenWatch (and its successor), Fossil, MK, and Tag Heuer branded watches are [Read Entire Story]

Alcatel Idol 4 Costs $200 On Cricket Wireless With VR Headset

Prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless is offering a pretty good deal on a mid-range handset. The Alcatel Idol 4 – a handset that was announced earlier this year – is now available for purchase in the United States from Cricket Wireless. It’s offering the handset for $200 along with a compatible virtual reality headset. This is a good offer for those looking for a cheap entry into the world of VR. The handset itself isn’t anything to write home about but then again, you get [Read Entire Story]

Razer Could Be Making A Smartphone

Razer is best known for its gaming hardware because that’s what it does, and it does a very good job of making exceptional gaming hardware, but it looks like the company might be venturing into a market that it has previously steered clear of. From the looks of it, Razer might be considering making its own smartphone, though nothing has been officially confirmed by the company as yet.The idea that Razer is building a smartphone is rooted in a tweet sent out recently by CEO Min-Liang Tan. [Read Entire Story]

Apple Reportedly Ordered 100M AMOLED Panels From Samsung

There have been talks that Apple could switch to OLED panels for this year’s iPhone, but there are recent reports to indicate that chances are it will most likely be 2017’s iPhone 7s that will sport the technology. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal China, Apple has apparently placed an order for 100 million AMOLED panels from Samsung.This is an interesting claim because according to a report from last year, both LG and Samsung were said to supply Apple with OLED screens, but this [Read Entire Story]

Samsung’s Milk VR App Lets You Experience VR Without A Headset

Want to experience virtual reality but don’t own a virtual reality headset? If you don’t, you’re in luck as Samsung has released their Milk VR app in the Google Play Store. The app will basically help to simulate some virtual reality experiences for users on their mobile devices even if they do not own a VR headset.For example there will be 360-degree videos that users can pan and tilt around by moving their phone. Granted this isn’t as immersive compared to if you had a VR headset like the [Read Entire Story]

2016 Coachella Attendees Will Be Able Pay With Apple Pay

The thing with large outdoor music festivals is that they are prime for pickpockets, especially since it can be extremely crowded, not to mention with alcohol being involved, it makes people less aware of their surroundings and more careless, thus making the lives of pickpockets a lot easier. However if you are planning on attending Coachella this year, you can safely leave your wallet behind.Coachella and Square have recently announced that they will be allowing the use of Apple Pay at the [Read Entire Story]

Barclays UK Finally Supports Apple Pay

Apple Pay has been available to users in the United Kingdom since summer last year but one of the biggest banks in the country refrained from jumping onboard the bandwagon immediately. Barclays, the country’s second-biggest bank to be precise, has finally announced that it’s now supporting Apple Pay, enabling its customers to make payments on the go with Apple’s mobile payments service.Barclaycard holders will now be able to add their credit and debit cards in the app and then [Read Entire Story]

Twitter Aids Visually Impaired With Image Descriptions

Technology is certainly meant to aid people rather than to make encumber them and bog them down with little details and make life inconvenient. Having said that, the blind and visually impaired “read” through the Braille system, where we have seen the likes of Braille-aided timepieces introduced before. This time around, Twitter intends to make photos all the more descriptive for visually impaired folks, where those using Twitter for iOS and Android will now be able to throw in their own [Read Entire Story]

Apple’s App Store Made $20bn Last Year, Apparently Slowing Down

Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google Play are two of the largest mobile app stores available at the moment, but how much money are they raking in? While we’re not sure how much Google is making, a report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Apple’s App Store in 2015 actually made $20 billion in sales.With Apple taking a 30% cut, this roughly translates to $6 billion that went to Apple alone. This sounds like a massive number, doesn’t it? However it seems that despite the huge figure, it [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Gear S2 Will Be iPhone Compatible Later This Year

There are several smartwatches that are compatible with the iPhone right now, but safe to say that there are plenty of devices out there that aren’t, but things are certainly changing. For example Google made Android Wear devices compatible with iOS, and now it looks like Samsung wants its Tizen smartwatches to be compatible as well.Announcing on stage at CES 2016, Samsung’s VP Alanna Cotton revealed that the Samsung Gear S2 will be getting iPhone compatibility later this year. No specific date [Read Entire Story]

LG & Samsung To Supply OLED Screens For Apple’s iPhone [Rumor]

The idea of Apple eventually moving away from the use of LCD screens to OLED screens isn’t new. However in the past the rumors have suggested that either LG or Samsung could end up supplying the display panels to Apple. Now thanks to a new report from Reuters, it has been rumored that both LG and Samsung will be supplying the screens to Apple.The report cites the Electronic Times who claims that both LG and Samsung are apparently close to signing a deal with Apple. Unsurprisingly neither LG nor [Read Entire Story]