Apple CEO Tim Cook Says iPhone 8 Has Sold Out In Some Stores

Amid reports that iPhone 8 pre-orders are lower than the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the company has sold out of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in some stores. He mentions that the Series 3 Apple Watch with LTE has also been sold out “in so many places” across the globe. Overall, Tim Cook appears to be thrilled with the response from customers so far. There have been concerns that the iPhone X might end up hurting iPhone 8 sales. Those who already own an [Read Entire Story]

Toggling Off Bluetooth & WiFi In iOS 11’s Control Center Doesn’t Fully Disable It

With Control Center, Apple is bringing users quick access to certain features of the operating system, like toggling on/off Bluetooth and WiFi. Now you would think that turning these features on/off via Control Center would do what it’s meant to do, but apparently that is not the case because despite being toggled off in Control Center, they aren’t fully disabled.You might think that this is a bug but in a support document posted on Apple’s website, it seems that this was done on purpose. [Read Entire Story]

Apple’s iPhone Event Saw A Sharp Drop In Traffic For Porn

There are a handful of things that will make the world stop what they are doing collectively and pay attention, Game of Thrones is one of them, and Apple’s iPhone event held a couple of days ago was another one of them. The event saw Apple launch a new 4K Apple TV, the Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple’s new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.In fact it seems that the internet was so enthralled by Apple’s announcement to the point where it appears to have caused a sudden and sharp drop in traffic for [Read Entire Story]

iPhone 8 Might Be Known As The iPhone X Instead

Based on Apple’s naming schemes, many expect that the 2017 iPhones will be known as the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, with the third redesigned model rumored to be known as the iPhone 8, which we guess sort of makes sense. However a new report from Dutch website iCulture (via The Next Web) is suggesting otherwise.According to their report, Apple’s rumored redesigned bezel-less iPhone will actually be known as the iPhone X (pronounced as the iPhone 10). This is because this marks the 10th anniversary of [Read Entire Story]

IFA 2017: What To Expect

There will be a lot of interesting news coming out of Berlin, Germany, next week. Major consumer electronics companies will be unveiling new gadgets at Europe’s biggest electronics convention. You can expect to see new smartphones, smartwatches, connected devices, home appliances, and more being unveiled at the event. Here’s a list of what to expect from IFA 2017.We would like to think our IFA 2017 main sponsor, Lenovo, and remind you that their IFA Media event will happen [Read Entire Story]

Apple Patent Suggests iPhone Could Double Up As E-Passport

These days it’s safe to assume that the majority of passports issued by governments around the world are of the e-passport variety, meaning that they come with chips embedded in them that when scanned, will pull up information about the owner of the passport, like photo, name, country of birth, and etc.Now we know that Apple wants to turn your iPhone into a digital wallet of sorts, allowing you to store membership and loyalty cards, as well as credit/debit cards, which is why it doesn’t really [Read Entire Story]

JCPenney Apple Pay Support Goes Live Properly

U.S. retail giant JCPenny is now properly offering Apple Pay support to customers at all of its locations across the United States. The department store chain announced today that full Apple Pay support is now available at its stores, even store-branded credit cards and associated rewards points are supported with Apple Pay now. JCPenny was actually one of the first retailers to run a pilot program for Apple Pay. It started doing that back in November 2015.However, even though it was expected to [Read Entire Story]

Messages App To Get ‘Business Chat’ Feature In iOS 11

Thanks to social media and technology, businesses are finding new ways to get in touch with customers, updating customers on new product launches, and also providing different ways for customers to contact them besides the usual email and phone. We’ve seen how Facebook has tried to leverage their platform through Messenger, and now Apple wants in on it too.In a recent sighting on Apple’s Developer website, there is a section that outline an upcoming iOS 11 Messages feature called “Business [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Rumored To Supply OLEDs For The iPhone 9

The iPhone 8 has yet to be officially announced but it seems that we can already get a jump on iPhone 9 related rumors. In a report from The Bell (via PhoneArena) out of Korea, it seems that Apple could already be lining up suppliers for the iPhone 9, and if their report is true, Samsung could be one of them.The report claims that Apple and Samsung have come to an agreement in which the latter company will be shipping more than 180 million OLED panels for Apple’s 2018 flagship, which is more [Read Entire Story]

Free Android Wear Apps

The Android wearables make it even more convenient to keep up with the notifications, reminders, to-do lists, calls, and social media without needing to take out your smartphone from your pocket.With great Android wearables like the Moto 360, LG G Watch, ASUS ZenWatch, and TAG Heuer’s Connected, you need some really good apps tailored for Android wearables. Here, we shall take a look at the best free Android wear apps to let you make the most out of your Android wearable device.7 Best Free [Read Entire Story]

Apple Reportedly Wants LG To Enter Smartphone OLED Business

Samsung has a virtual monopoly in the smartphone OLED market which is one of the reasons why it’s believed to be the main supplier of OLED displays for Apple’s iPhone 8 that’s due this year. A new report suggests that Apple is pushing LG to enter the smartphone OLED supply business so that it can diversify its supply chain and reduce its reliance on Samsung for the 2018 iPhone. Apple has never used an OLED panel for an iPhone and it’s expected to make the shift to OLED [Read Entire Story]

Target Circular Leaks Galaxy S8 Pre-Order Bonuses

It seems that Samsung really wants customers to buy the Galaxy S8. We have heard rumors that Samsung will be doing things like bundling AKG headphones with the handset, and even offering an unconditional 3-month refund window, and now thanks to a recent leak of Target’s upcoming circular, more bonuses for the Galaxy S8 have been revealed.In a post from The Couponing Couple (via TalkAndroid), it seems that if customers were to pre-order the Galaxy S8, they will be getting a couple of goodies in [Read Entire Story]

5.8-inch iPhone Display Might Not Be Curved After All

An interesting and recent rumor has suggested that this year we might get an iPhone with a 5.8-inch curved OLED display. It is an interesting rumor because Apple has never really been one for curved displays, and it is possible that maybe with the rise in popularity of Samsung’s curved display phones that there are some who expect Apple could follow suit.However as it turns out, not everyone thinks that way. According to a report from MacRumors, they have been told by several analysts that they [Read Entire Story]

Apple Pay Officially Launches In Ireland

In a report from yesterday, it was rumored that Apple Pay could be launching in Ireland today, and sure enough it has. For our readers in Ireland, you’ll be pleased to learn that you should be able to start using Apple Pay soon. As per the previous rumors, it seems that the banks launching with the service include KBC and Ulster Bank.It will work with both Visa and MasterCard holders, so for those using American Express you guys are out of luck for now. It will also work with the Boon prepay [Read Entire Story]

What To Expect At MWC 2017

Earlier last month we attended CES 2017, an event about consumer electronics in general. However if you were less interested in refrigerators, robots for the home, or the latest and most beautiful televisions, and are more interested in the mobile scene, then MWC 2017 is probably the event that you’ve been waiting for.Just like CES, MWC has been hosted every year for the past few years and this year it will be back again. MWC has been mostly about smartphones and tablets (and infrastructure), [Read Entire Story]

Pokemon GO Update Adds 80 New Pokemon To The Game

Yesterday we reported that Niantic had announced that there would be an upcoming update to the game that would add 80 new Pokemon to Pokemon GO. If you were wondering when you might be able to expect this update, you’ll be pleased to learn that Niantic has announced that the update is now ready for download.According to the changelog posted onto Facebook by Niantic, “Over 80 additional Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region can be caught.” They also add that there will be [Read Entire Story]

iPhone Wireless Charging Rumors Supported By Apple Joining WPC

We’ve been hearing rumors for a very long time that Apple is bringing wireless charging to iPhones. This is a feature that has been present in other devices for a couple of years now but the iPhone has yet to catch up. The iPhone wireless charging rumors are now being supported by a major development. Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium. It’s officially listed under the consortium’s members list, the same list didn’t include Apple as recently as last week. This [Read Entire Story]

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging May Require Separate Accessory

Another day, another report about the iPhone 8. It has long been rumored that the iPhone 8 is finally going to get wireless charging and now there’s a new report out which claims that the next-generation iPhone is actually going to require a separate accessory for wireless charging. It’s also claimed in the report that the iPhone 8 is not going to come with a Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter. The report says that the iPhone 8’s wireless charging accessory could be [Read Entire Story]

Android Pay For Android Wear Won’t Work With Unlocked Bootloaders

Last year it was revealed that Android Pay would not work on devices with unlocked bootloaders. It has been speculated that this could be due to security reasons, which makes sense especially when you consider that this is dealing with credit cards and personal financial information.If you were hoping that Android Pay for Android Wear 2.0 would be more lax, think again. According to Android Police, it seems that if your phone has an unlocked bootloader, it will affect Android Pay for Android [Read Entire Story]

iOS 10.3 Brings WiFi Calling For Verizon iCloud Devices

Just yesterday Apple started to seed the iOS 10.3 to developers. The update will bring about quite a number of changes, such as changes to the file system as well as a “Find my AirPods” feature. It turns out that’s not all because it has been discovered that iOS 10.3 will also bring about WiFi calling for iCloud devices for Verizon customers.If you’re not a Verizon customer and you own an iOS device, there’s a good chance that you’re probably already familiar with the WiFi Calling feature as it [Read Entire Story]

Alleged Photos Of LG’s Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatches Leaked

Several days ago Sony confirmed that due to some inconsistencies that users were experiencing with the Android 7.0 Nougat update, they decided to halt the rollout for now. It has been about 3-4 days since and we’re sure that some of you guys are wondering about the status of the update.While Sony does not have a specific timeline, they did state that they are working on it and will begin pushing it out again ASAP. Their post on Twitter reads, “We’re still working on the inconsistencies in Nougat [Read Entire Story]

iPhone 8 Rumored To Feature Plastic Curved OLED Display From Samsung

There is no love lost between Apple and Samsung, but despite their differences, both companies seem to understand that business is business and still have dealings with each other despite their ongoing legal battles. That being said, that relationship is expected to continue into 2017 with the iPhone 8.According to a report from the Korea Herald (via 9to5Mac), Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to feature a plastic, curved OLED display that will be supplied by Samsung. We’re not sure if it is going be [Read Entire Story]