Face ID In The Future Could Include Vein Scanning On A User’s Face

At the moment Apple’s Face ID feature works pretty much as intended and seems to be pretty hard to fool. However it doesn’t mean that it is perfect, but if a recently published patent is anything to go by, it seems that in the future Face ID could be made more accurate/secure.According to the patent (via AppleInsider), it describes how Face ID could be improved on in the future where instead of just scanning the user’s face, it could also be used to scan the veins in the user’s face. This will [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Display Pixel Density To Be Over 600 PPI

2019 marks the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, the successor to the Galaxy S9 and also the 10th version of the Galaxy S series of smartphones. Chances are like how Apple celebrated 10 years of iPhones with the iPhone X, Samsung might want to do something big as well, and now rumors about the upcoming have started to trickle out.According to the latest rumor which is based on a tweet by Ice Universe (via SamMobile), Samsung’s 2019 flagship smartphone is expected to sport a display with a pixel [Read Entire Story]

Apple Might Have Found A Greener Way To Produce Aluminum

Apple uses a lot of aluminum in their products, such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and so on. Unfortunately conventional methods of producing aluminum results in the emission of greenhouse gases. However it seems that Apple might have found a greener way to go about it where the end result releases oxygen versus greenhouse gases.According to Apple’s press release, several years ago Apple engineers Brian Lynch, Jim Yurko and Katie Sassaman set out to find a greener way to [Read Entire Story]

OnePlus 6 Heart Rate Sensor Possibly Teased

OnePlus is yet to officially announce the OnePlus 6 but the company has been gradually teasing the specifications and features of its new flagship smartphone. OnePlus has a habit of teasing potential new features gradually so as to maximize the news exposure for its upcoming device. A new teaser that the company put out in China suggests that the OnePlus 6 might come with a heart rate sensor. The teaser certainly doesn’t make it obvious that the OnePlus 6 will have a heart rate sensor but [Read Entire Story]

Survey Finds iPhones Are More Popular With Teens Than Ever

Knowing your demographic is a good way to create products that will appeal to that demographic, and it seems that if Apple wants to keep growing its iPhones, perhaps they should look more into pushing their phones into the hands of teens. This is based on a new survey by investment firm Piper Jaffray.According to the survey, it appears that iPhones are as popular as ever amongst teens. The survey found that 82% of teens own an iPhone which is an increase from the previous year’s survey which was [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Partners With Disney For Its AR Emoji Feature

Last year when the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ were only rumors, one of the rumors we had heard was that Samsung could be looking to “borrow” some iPhone X features. One of those feature is the iPhone X’s Animoji, which uses augmented reality to track the user’s face and facial movements and turns them into an emoji that can move like they can.Turns out the rumors were right because one of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is a feature called AR Emoji, and it seems that Samsung might [Read Entire Story]

Apple App Store Listings Now Allow Up To 10 Screenshots

As is the case with most developers selling apps, you can find screenshots of the app you’re about to purchase in app stores like that of the iTunes App Store. However in case you didn’t realize, Apple had put a limit on the number of screenshots that users could upload to just five, but now it looks like the limit has since been increased.This is according to a change on the Apple Developer page (via AppleInsider) in which Apple notes, “You can now display up to 10 screenshots on your product [Read Entire Story]

Future ARM Chips Could Come With Built-In SIM Cards

When designing smartphones, what we’ve noticed is how they smartphone makers tend to try and strike a balance between packing a ton of features, a larger battery, new sensors, and also trying to keep the phone as slim and as light as possible. Over the years we’ve seen this achieved by removing certain components like the headphone jack, reducing the size of SIM cards, and so on.However in the future it seems that phones may no longer need to use external physical SIM cards as it could be built [Read Entire Story]

Apple Promises To Fix Latest iPhone Crash Bug Before iOS 11.3

We picked up on a report earlier today about a new bug in iOS 11.2 that’s making iPhones crash and even disabling access to apps like iMessages and WhatsApp. Bugs have been causing a lot of headaches recently for iOS device users and the latest one just makes matters worse. The good thing is that Apple has promised to release a fix for the latest iPhone crash bug before iOS 11.3, which means that it should be out soon. The bug is exploited by sending a Telugu (Indian language) character to [Read Entire Story]

LG Trademarks ‘Icon’ Smartwatch, ‘Iconic’ Smartphone

It seems that LG could have a couple of new devices in the works that might be unveiled in the near future. According to Evan Blass, it appears that LG has filed for trademarks for a couple of devices. One of which is a smartwatch called “Icon”, and the other isa smartphone called “Iconic”.There have been reports to suggest that LG could be rebranding its G-series flagship handsets, and so it has been speculated that the “Icon” moniker could be an indication of that happening. At this point in [Read Entire Story]

Apple Will Reportedly Develop Its Own Power Management Chips For iPhone

A new report published today claims that Apple is in the process of designing its own power management chips for the iPhone and that it’s eventually going to stop sourcing them from Dialog Semiconductor. One prediction suggests that Apple is going to meet almost half of the demand for the iPhone’s power management chips itself by next year. The other suggests that Apple’s own chips won’t be ready until 2019. Dialog Semiconductor shares have predictably taken a hit after [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Pay Launched In Mexico

Samsung continues to expand its mobile payments service to more markets across the globe. The company has confirmed today that Samsung Pay has now been launched in Mexico. Samsung Pay has been rolled out in quite a few markets over the past year so the company is following through on its promise to aggressively expand its mobile payments service in 2017 across different regions. Samsung Pay is now available for those who own a supported Samsung handset in Mexico. The country happens to be the [Read Entire Story]

Apple Aiming To Mass Produce Micro-LED Displays

It was first reported that Apple was interested in micro-LED displays back in 2015. These displays offer some of the same perks that OLED displays offer compared to LCDs. There’s better color accuracy, faster response times, and improved contrast ratio courtesy of self-lit pixels. They can also be thinner, brighter, and more power efficient than OLED panels. According to a new report, Apple is now aiming to mass produce micro-LED displays. According to a new report, Apple is collaborating [Read Entire Story]

iOS 11.1 Released, Brings Wi-Fi Bug Fixes

The first major update for iOS 11 since the firmware was released last month is now rolling out. Apple today released iOS 11.1 for compatible devices. It’s an incremental update so users shouldn’t expect any new features when they update their devices. Some important security improvements are also included in this update. iOS 11.1 isn’t the only software update that Apple has released today. The company is rolling out watchOS 4.1. The update enables the Apple Watch Series 3 [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Patent Hints At An AirPower-Like Charging Mat Of Their Own

When Apple announced the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, one of the new features that would be offered in the phones is native wireless charging. In the past iPhone users would have to purchase third-party wireless charging cases. Apple also announced the AirPower wireless charging mat.Now it looks like Samsung could be working on something similar. In a patent discovered by Patently Apple (via 9to5Mac), Samsung appears to be working on a wireless charging mat that looks similar to that of [Read Entire Story]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says iPhone 8 Has Sold Out In Some Stores

Amid reports that iPhone 8 pre-orders are lower than the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the company has sold out of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in some stores. He mentions that the Series 3 Apple Watch with LTE has also been sold out “in so many places” across the globe. Overall, Tim Cook appears to be thrilled with the response from customers so far. There have been concerns that the iPhone X might end up hurting iPhone 8 sales. Those who already own an [Read Entire Story]

Toggling Off Bluetooth & WiFi In iOS 11’s Control Center Doesn’t Fully Disable It

With Control Center, Apple is bringing users quick access to certain features of the operating system, like toggling on/off Bluetooth and WiFi. Now you would think that turning these features on/off via Control Center would do what it’s meant to do, but apparently that is not the case because despite being toggled off in Control Center, they aren’t fully disabled.You might think that this is a bug but in a support document posted on Apple’s website, it seems that this was done on purpose. [Read Entire Story]

Apple’s iPhone Event Saw A Sharp Drop In Traffic For Porn

There are a handful of things that will make the world stop what they are doing collectively and pay attention, Game of Thrones is one of them, and Apple’s iPhone event held a couple of days ago was another one of them. The event saw Apple launch a new 4K Apple TV, the Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple’s new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.In fact it seems that the internet was so enthralled by Apple’s announcement to the point where it appears to have caused a sudden and sharp drop in traffic for [Read Entire Story]

iPhone 8 Might Be Known As The iPhone X Instead

Based on Apple’s naming schemes, many expect that the 2017 iPhones will be known as the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, with the third redesigned model rumored to be known as the iPhone 8, which we guess sort of makes sense. However a new report from Dutch website iCulture (via The Next Web) is suggesting otherwise.According to their report, Apple’s rumored redesigned bezel-less iPhone will actually be known as the iPhone X (pronounced as the iPhone 10). This is because this marks the 10th anniversary of [Read Entire Story]

IFA 2017: What To Expect

There will be a lot of interesting news coming out of Berlin, Germany, next week. Major consumer electronics companies will be unveiling new gadgets at Europe’s biggest electronics convention. You can expect to see new smartphones, smartwatches, connected devices, home appliances, and more being unveiled at the event. Here’s a list of what to expect from IFA 2017.We would like to think our IFA 2017 main sponsor, Lenovo, and remind you that their IFA Media event will happen [Read Entire Story]

Apple Patent Suggests iPhone Could Double Up As E-Passport

These days it’s safe to assume that the majority of passports issued by governments around the world are of the e-passport variety, meaning that they come with chips embedded in them that when scanned, will pull up information about the owner of the passport, like photo, name, country of birth, and etc.Now we know that Apple wants to turn your iPhone into a digital wallet of sorts, allowing you to store membership and loyalty cards, as well as credit/debit cards, which is why it doesn’t really [Read Entire Story]

JCPenney Apple Pay Support Goes Live Properly

U.S. retail giant JCPenny is now properly offering Apple Pay support to customers at all of its locations across the United States. The department store chain announced today that full Apple Pay support is now available at its stores, even store-branded credit cards and associated rewards points are supported with Apple Pay now. JCPenny was actually one of the first retailers to run a pilot program for Apple Pay. It started doing that back in November 2015.However, even though it was expected to [Read Entire Story]