China Blocks Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Access

The new Apple Watch Series 3 is Apple’s first smartwatch to come with LTE cellular access, this means that the device can be used without your iPhone. According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, China has apparently blocked the LTE on the Apple Watch 3. In China mobile phones are heavily regulated […] (Read More ...) (C) Copyright 2007-2017 Geeky Gadgets. Republishing of this feed is forbidden without our written permission. SOURCE: Geeky Gadgets - Read [Read Entire Story]

China cuts LTE access to Apple Watch Series 3, reputedly over government security concerns

China has abruptly terminated LTE access for the Apple Watch Series 3 without explanation. With all three major carriers in China state-owned, analysts say that the move was likely to have been prompted by government security concerns over the device … more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch Series 3 Has Set The Standard For Apple’s Future Wearable

Ever wondered how popular the Apple Watch Series 3 model is among consumers? An analyst from GBH Insights research shows that many of the owners who purchased the device are new to the platform. According to a note written by Daniel Ives and obtained by CNBC, Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 3 is gaining “significant momentum” in the short amount of time it’s been released. Ives believes that Apple’s wearable is potentially a “game changer” when it comes [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch Series 3’s Cellular Access Blocked In China

China is notorious when it comes to online censorship and also dictating what can or cannot be accessed on the internet, which is why it did not really come as a surprise to learn that the Apple Watch Series 3’s cellular connectivity feature has been blocked in the country following concerns about its eSIM.This is according to a report from The Wall Street Journal who has suggested that the eSIM could be one of the reasons why cellular connectivity has been blocked. The report reads, “The [Read Entire Story]

Apple explains how ‘Hey Siri’ works using a Deep Neural Network and machine learning

Apple has published a fascinating new entry in its Machine Learning Journal this month that explains how the voice-activated ‘Hey Siri’ detector works in detail. While many of these entries tend to be too in depth for the average reader (i.e. me), October’s entry from the Siri team includes several interesting (and understandable!) tidbits about what happens behind-the-scenes when you use ‘Hey Siri’ on your iPhone and Apple Watch. more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - [Read Entire Story]

Analyst: Apple Watch Series 3 could be a ‘game changer’ for Apple’s wearable

Apple last month debuted the Apple Watch Series 3, bringing support for cellular connectivity to its wearable for the first time. Despite early reviews that highlighted some since-fixed connectivity issues, a new analyst note from GBH Insights says the Apple Watch Series 3 is a hit among consumers thus far… more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Wi-Fi WPA2 security cracked: Android & Linux most vulnerable, but iOS and macOS too [U]

Update: Apple says the security vulnerability has been fixed in the beta versions of the next software updates to iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. These releases are expected this month (based on Apple Watch scheduled to gain Apple Music streaming in watchOS 4.1 in October.) WPA2 – the encryption standard that secures all modern wifi networks – has been cracked. An attacker could now read all information passing over any wifi network secured by WPA2, which is most routers, both public and [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch credited with helping detect lung blood clot that otherwise ‘would have been fatal’

Apple has long marketed the Apple Watch as a health device and today we’re seeing yet another instance of the device being put to good use. 28-year-old Apple Watch user James Green tweeted over the weekend that the “stupid lil wrist computer” saved his life. more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

This week’s top stories: iPhone X in the wild, the future of iPhone design, new betas & emoji, more

In this week’s top stories: Apple releases iOS 11.0.3 and iOS 11.1 beta 2, the iPhone X starts to pop up in the wild, Jony Ive offers details on the design future of the iPhone, a compelling case for a camera in the Apple Watch, and more. Read on for all of this week’s big stories… more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

9to5Toys Last Call: 13-inch MacBook Pro 256GB $1,300, Apple Watch Accessories $6, Monitor Stand $9, more

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: Twitter, RSS Feed, Facebook, Google+ and Safari push notifications. more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Spark email client gains scheduling and reminders as Bear notes app hits Apple Watch

Readdle has updated its email app Spark with new productivity features on both iOS and macOS. Spark now includes Send Later and Follow-up Reminders to make managing a busy inbox easier. Apple Watch is also getting a productivity boost thanks to Bear bringing its popular note-taking app to watchOS. more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

A true all-day assistant: The compelling argument for a camera in the Apple Watch

With the introduction of cellular connectivity in Apple Watch Series 3, it’s now more convenient than ever to leave your phone at home for quick trips and during workouts without consequence – for the most part. When you want to snap that quick photo or have a FaceTime video call, the Watch still won’t cut it. This is the one of the largest remaining friction points in a truly independent Apple Watch experience. At first it might sound unnecessary, or even a little invasive to have a [Read Entire Story]

Apple Possibly Looking Into Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring Functionality

Apple might be working on expanding its health-related features. A new patent application has been discovered which suggests that the company has been looking into automatic blood pressure monitoring functionality. The patent details that an alert would be triggered by parameters that the user has set or by data that has been collected by wearable sensors on devices like the Apple Watch. The benefits of this implementation include minimizing variables that may affect blood pressure readings as [Read Entire Story]

Yale’s smart locks get a HomeKit upgrade

Yale has added Apple HomeKit support to its smart locks, launching a plug-in module that gives remote control to your iPhone or iPad. The Yale iM1 Network Module plugs into models from Yale’s Assure Lock range. Then, either using the Apple Home app or Siri on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you can lock and unlock the door. Yale … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Latest Piper Jaffray teen survey shows iPhone and Apple Watch continue to dominate

As it does towards the end of every year, Piper Jaffray today has released its Fall 2017 edition of “Taking Stock with Teens.” This survey aims to analyze what companies teen shoppers are most interested in, and every time, Apple is one of the top performers. more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Totm+Travl smart Apple Watch dock hits Kickstarter with power bank, HomeKit support, and more

A new product from padawanlab is hitting Kickstarter today, and it’s a beautiful piece of hardware. Totm+Travl offers a new take on Apple Watch docks, a smart dock with a clean, minimal wooden design with lots of functionality. more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

New Apple patent could adjust the fit of your smartwatch automatically

The Apple Watch already has a pretty big edge against other smartwatches in the space, and this year we saw Apple pack even more into the tiny device. New improvements include building a an LTE antenna into the display of the device, but what happens when you run out of space to add or improve hardware? You shift your attention … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Second watchOS 4.1, macOS 10.13.1, and tvOS 11.1 betas now available

watchOS 4.1 beta 2 for all Apple Watch models is now available for developers to test. The upcoming watchOS update brings Apple Music streaming over Wi-Fi and LTE plus a new Radio app to Apple Watch. macOS 10.13.1 beta 2 and tvOS 11.1 beta 2 are also now available for testing. more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

What’s new in watchOS 4.1 beta 2? Hands-on with new changes and features [Video]

The initial watchOS 4.1 beta brought some notable changes and features to the Apple Watch. A brand new Radio app appeared for the first time, allowing Beats 1 and other radio stations to be streamed right from your wrist. Most notably, however, was a fundamental change to the Music app, allowing for streaming of the entire Apple Music library on the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. Apple has just released the second developer beta for watchOS 4.1, and although it isn’t a big as the initial [Read Entire Story]

Arizona Diamondbacks coach fined for wearing Apple Watch in dugout

The saga of the Apple Watch in Major League Baseball continues this week. During the NL Wild Card game on Wednesday, cameras captured Diamondbacks coach Ariel Prieto wearing an “illegal electronic device in the dugout,” which turned out to be an Apple Watch. MLB then launched an investigation, as noted by CBS Sports. more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Top new Apple Watch Series 3 features – is it worth the price premium? [Video]

The Apple Watch Series 3 launched alongside the new iPhones two weeks ago, and it’s arguably a more exciting hardware update than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. With the release of the Series 3, Apple removed the Series 2 from the lineup, leaving customers with a choice between the Apple Watch Series 1 and the Apple Watch Series 3. With the Series 1 starting at just $249 (or less), it’s an attractive offer that many will consider, but after going hands-on with Series 3 ($329+) over the [Read Entire Story]

This week’s top stories: New emoji coming to iOS, iPhone 8 camera tests, bug fix updates, and more

In this week’s top stories: Apple releases iOS 11.0.2 with an important fix for iPhone 8 users, a patent describes how Apple Watch could be used for measuring blood pressure, a macOS High Sierra supplemental update, and more. Read on for all of this week’s biggest stories more… SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]