Samsung Rumored To Supply OLEDs For The iPhone 9

The iPhone 8 has yet to be officially announced but it seems that we can already get a jump on iPhone 9 related rumors. In a report from The Bell (via PhoneArena) out of Korea, it seems that Apple could already be lining up suppliers for the iPhone 9, and if their report is true, Samsung could be one of them.

The report claims that Apple and Samsung have come to an agreement in which the latter company will be shipping more than 180 million OLED panels for Apple’s 2018 flagship, which is more than double of what Apple is rumored to have ordered from Samsung this year. Given that Apple could potentially be launching more than one OLED iPhone model in 2018, we suppose the increase in shipments makes sense.

There have been reports that claim Apple will make the switch to OLED, and the Apple Watch was actually a good indication of Apple stepping in that direction. However this year Apple is said to be only launching one OLED iPhone model in the form of the iPhone 8, which is also rumored to be a celebration of the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

Should Apple plan on revamping their entire lineup, it makes sense that they’d want to get their hands on as much supply as possible. Of course you should take this with a grain of salt for now, but if you’d love to see more OLED iPhones, 2018 could be the year to look forward to.

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