Here’s an Apple Watch running Windows 95

In the long, long list of ancient operating systems and software that's been installed on smartwatches, the combination of Windows 95 and the Apple Watch has been missing. Thankfully, developer Nick Lee has put things right. It may take an hour to boot up, but the OS is almost fully functional on the wearable, despite being completely impractical. Lee shared … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Xiaomi prepping to launch a Mi Smartwatch this 2016

Told ya, Xiaomi is busy. But hey, what tech company isn't busy these days? It's actually better than being silent just waiting for financial reports to tell you revenue is going down. It may have been replaced by Huawei but Hugo Barra's baby will continue to deliver quality products. We're expecting the Xiaomi Max, MIUI 8, a chipset, plus possibly a Xiaomi UnionPay mobile payment service (Xiaomi Pay?). Xiaomi entered the wearable game with the Mi Band 1S late last year and now we're expecting [Read Entire Story]

Windows 95 on an Apple Watch is wonderfully impractical

The quest to put Windows 95 on seemingly everything just achieved one of its biggest -- or rather, smallest -- feats to date. Nick Lee managed to get Microsoft's classic operating system running on an Apple Watch by modfiying a WatchKit app to load... SOURCE: Engadget RSS Feed - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Watch Windows 95 running on the Apple Watch

Nick Lee of Tendigi Insights has managed to install Windows 95 on a Apple Watch. Apple Watch is powered by a a 520 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage, so it has power to run Windows 95. Nick thought this processor alone is about twenty-five times faster than the average 386, and 512 MB was the size of a hard drive in the mid nineties. Check out how Windows 95 runs on Apple Watch in the video above. How he installed Windows 95 on Apple Watch: Copy symbols and headers from [Read Entire Story]

Review: Kito+, the iPhone case that doubles as a portable ECG machine and more

Prior to the official announcement of the Apple Watch, there were multiple rumors that the device would be packed with health-related sensors. When it finally launched, however, it got just a heart-rate monitor – albeit a sophisticated one. A teardown revealed that there’s also a pulse oximeter in there, to measure oxygen saturation in your blood, but Apple hasn’t yet activated that functionality. The apparent turnabout on sensors was explained by Tim Cook, who last year told [Read Entire Story]

9to5Toys Last Call: 11” MacBook Air 256GB $850, Mini DisplayPort/HDMI adapter $5, iOttie Car Mount $13, more

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Amazon Tap review: Take Alexa with you anywhere

After more than a year of flying under the radar by tech standards, Amazon's Alexa voice-controlled assistant platform is looking to become more mainstream, and one of its first moves to that end is to become more portable – with the new Amazon Tap. We've spent a few weeks with the battery-powered version of the original Alexa device, the Echo... Continue Reading Amazon Tap review: Take Alexa with you anywhere Category: Home Entertainment Tags: Amazon Echo [Read Entire Story]

Windows 95 on the Apple Watch features the world’s most twee Start button

Big, complex things running on tiny things is a common theme this week. Earlier we had a hack that put Counter-Strike on Android Wear, and today some maniac has installed Windows 95 on his Apple Watch. At last it’ll do something worthwhile! That is, of course, if you can find the Start button. Read More SOURCE: TechCrunch - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch market share fell to almost half in Q1 2016

Good news: smartwatches are actually a hot item in the tech market, growing by as much as 223% compared to the first quarter last year. Bad news: compared to the last quarter of 2015, however, the number was actually sliced in half. Depending on your brand loyalty or preference, the mix of devices and platforms might be good or bad … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch confirmed for this year

We know that Xiaomi will be having an event on May 10 where some new products and software will be unveiled. Hardware expected at the event includes the Xiaomi Max and the Mi Band 2. Software tipped to be unveiled includes the MIUI 8 OS. Word has surfaced hat another device might be unveiled after this event and this one … Continue reading SOURCE: SlashGear - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Coach Planning to Debut Designer Bands for Apple Watch Later This Year

Well-known designer brand Coach is reportedly working on a line of high-quality Apple Watch bands, which could debut as soon as June. According to Haute Écriture's David Boglin de Bautista, a sales associate at a Coach boutique informed him of the upcoming release after seeing his Apple Watch and showed him pictures of the bands. Coach is said to be debuting around eight watch bands, in colors that include white, red, black, and brown. Some bands are decorated with charms, while others have [Read Entire Story]

Developer Gets Apple Watch to Run Windows 95

After developer Nick Lee realized that the Apple Watch's 520 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage made it more powerful than many desktops running Windows 95 in the 1990s, he felt confident he could get it to run Microsoft's successful operating system. Photo via Nick Lee To get Windows 95 to run on the Apple Watch, Lee knew he couldn't rely on Apple's WatchKit SDK because it doesn't allow developers to directly access user touch locations. Instead, the SDK forces [Read Entire Story]

Step-counting app for Pebble smartwatch drops you into a game of ‘Super Mario Bros.’

‘Super Mario Bros.’ still isn’t available for our smartphones, but at least now we can get a tiny bit closer to stomping goombas and sliding down pipes as America’s favorite plumber duo, Mario and Luigi. An app for the Pebble smart watch, ‘Steps With Mario,’ allows you to track your real world movement inside the Mushroom Kingdom from the first Super Mario Bros. game, all the way back in 1985. Mental Floss once calculated that small Mario would have to travel [Read Entire Story]

Xiaomi’s smartwatch for kids costs less than $50

Look, Xiaomi's smartwatch for kids isn't anything revolutionary. It has features typically found in children's wearables, including the ability to make and receive calls and to track users' whereabouts. The best thing about it, however, is its price:... SOURCE: Engadget RSS Feed - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Someone got Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch

If you're willing to wait an hour for it to boot up, you can enjoy the ludicrous pleasures of running Windows 95 on an Apple Watch. Developer Nick Lee posted a video to YouTube this evening showing what it looks like once the operating system is up and running. It's slow, to say the least. But it definitely appears to be more functional than you'd expect. As Lee points out in a blog post, the Apple Watch's specs are well above those of a typical Windows 95 computer, so it makes sense that it [Read Entire Story]

Samsung Gear VR is making it possible for parents to share a bedtime story with their kids while away from home

Samsung Bedtime VR Stories is a new way for parents and their kids to share in a bedtime story, even if they're hundreds of miles apart. It's actually quite impressive. Check out our post for the trailer and demo of how it will work. SOURCE: Phandroid - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

A Developer is working on making Android wear work with Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile does not have too many smart watch options, with the Microsoft Band 2 probably being the most fully functional option. There are however a large choice of devices on the Android side, with many attractive Android Wear devices. In the above video developer TMKirA demonstrates his attempt to get the two platforms to work together. In the video he managed to connect a Lumia 950 and a LG Watch Urbane and send a custom notification. We are not sure where his efforts will end up, [Read Entire Story]

9to5Toys Lunch Break: 11” MacBook Air 256GB $850, Mini DisplayPort/HDMI adapter $5, iOttie Car Mount $13, more

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Designer Apple Watch bands by Coach reportedly coming soon for around $150 [Photos]

Apple has previously partnered with designer brand Hermes for a set of premium Apple Watch bands, sold separately from $340 per strap. It now appears that a second high-profile fashion designer, Coach, is coming on board with its own range of Apple Watch bands. David Boglin De Bautista reports a sales associate in a Coach boutique told him about the upcoming collection, set to debut as early as June. The sales representative sent photos of the as-yet-unreleased bands (shown above), priced at [Read Entire Story]

Xiaomi Expected to Launch a Smartwatch Later This Year

Rumors about the launch of the Xiaomi smartwatch have been around for sometime now, and it seems we may get to see one in the coming months. At a press event in Beijing, Liu De, the co-founder and Vice President of Xiaomi revealed that the smartwatch is already in works and will launch in the […] (Read More ...) (C) Copyright 2007-2016 Geeky Gadgets. Republishing of this feed is forbidden without our written permission. SOURCE: Geeky Gadgets - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]’s Dial now up for pre-order at Three UK’s smartwatch called Dial is now available for pre-order at Three UK. And while you may not be excited about yet another smartwatch on the market, this one’s a tad different than the rest. Dial is a standalone smartwatch, meaning you don’t need your smartphone for it to work. It’s able to operate entirely on its own. UK-based carrier Three revealed today that it’s available for pre-order from them. You’ll have to pay £49 upfront on a two-year [Read Entire Story]