JCPenney Apple Pay Support Goes Live Properly

U.S. retail giant JCPenny is now properly offering Apple Pay support to customers at all of its locations across the United States. The department store chain announced today that full Apple Pay support is now available at its stores, even store-branded credit cards and associated rewards points are supported with Apple Pay now.

JCPenny was actually one of the first retailers to run a pilot program for Apple Pay. It started doing that back in November 2015.

However, even though it was expected to announce chain-wide support by spring last year, it didn’t do that. Over a year has passed since then and only now JCPenny has announced that Apple Pay is finally supported chain-wide.

Now that Apple Pay is properly supported by JCPenny locations, customers will be able to pay for their purchases by holding their iPhone or Apple Watch near a point-of-sale terminal instead of having to insert a chip card. The retailer’s credit card will also be available on Apple Pay so customers will be able to earn shopping points through JCPenny Rewards.

Apple Pay works with the iPhone SE and subsequent models of the iPhone as well as the Apple Watch. JCPenny point-of-sale registers now process all Apple Pay supported bank cards. The retailer has also said that it’s going to add support for Apple Pay as a payment option in its mobile app in the near future.

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