Germany bans smartwatches for kids and asks parents to destroy them

Germany’s telecommunication agency, the Bundesnetzagentur, has banned smartwatches for kids, and is asking parents to destroy them. According to Bleeping Computer, (via Gizmodo) the regulators have deemed smartwatches targeted at kids “prohibitive listening devices” and are asking parents to destroy any smartwatches their kids have and advising schools to pay closer attention to kids with them. Germany is targeting the listening capabilities of smartwatches but strangely didn’t say anything [Read Entire Story]

The Porsche Design Huawei Watch is a beautiful, useless device

The first thing you should know: the Huawei Watch 2 isn’t good. The second thing you should know: the Porsche Design Huawei Watch 2 is very pretty. This is the crossroads we find ourselves at. Huawei announced the Porsche Design collaboration back in February, but there was no info on the price or release date. The watch, which has the same internals as the standard Huawei Watch 2 features a stainless steel case, a hybrid strap with red stitching, and custom watchfaces created by Porsche [Read Entire Story]

This self-charging smartwatch could be great

Smartwatches have a battery problem. Much like smartphones, they don’t last long enough, and everyone ends up charging them all the time. In an attempt to fix this, Sequent looked toward the automatic movements in traditional watches to create a kinetic battery system for its smartwatch. Sequent’s eponymous smartwatch uses a self-charging battery system that charges as you move around, much like an automatic movement does in a standard watch (but through a much different process). [Read Entire Story]

Apple Watch sales have nearly doubled since last year

Sales of the Apple Watch have nearly doubled year over year, CEO Tim Cook announced on the company’s earnings call today. So far, Apple has refused to give out exact sales numbers for the Apple Watch, as it does for its iPhone and iPad, and has instead bundled the wearable device into its “other devices” category that includes Beats products, AirPods, Apple TV, and accessory sales. Frankly, it’s a smart move by Apple. The admission by Cook is likely a response to major companies like Google, [Read Entire Story]

This Month in Luxury: Bulgari’s mechanical smart watch

Welcome to This Month in Luxury, presented by Micah Singleton, The Verge's resident Luxury Director. In this monthly (or whenever we remember) column, I will take you on a completely superficial journey of opulence, pointing out one device, artifact, or service an upscale individual such as yourself would take pleasure in experiencing. Let the journey begin. One of the biggest dreams of tech-loving horology enthusiasts, like myself, is a traditional watch that doesn't betray its history and [Read Entire Story]

Samsung is addicted to bedazzling its gadgets

Samsung has a problem. It can't stop putting stones on its devices. It keeps happening. The company needs help. And now the problem has escalated. Mere Swarovski crystals weren't enough for Samsung. No, now it's graduated to the harder stuff. The hardest stuff. Samsung has partnered with swiss jeweler de Grisogono to create a Gear S2 with over 100 black and white diamonds. The limited edition watch — which no one who has ever come into contact with anything resembling taste would wear — also [Read Entire Story]

Smartwatches have outsold Swiss watches for the first time | The …

For the first time in history, smartwatch sales have surpassed Swiss watch sales, according to Strategy Analytics. A new report from the research firm estimates that there were 8.1 million... SOURCE: smartwatches - Google Blog Search - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]